For the past 33 years, I have been actively involved in conducting animal damage control and predator management. Each year nationwide, millions of dollars of damage are caused by wild animals. Many times, these damages occur within homes and businesses, near residential areas, or on farmlands.

Predator Management Solutions is a professional, experienced, highly trained, and fully equipped animal damage control agency that will alleviate your conflicts with wildlife. We deal with almost all wildlife species, from rodents to feral hogs. We also provide free technical advice on how to prevent future wildlife problems.

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Predator Management Solutions is a state certified, licensed and fully insured animal damage control agency.


Many times, landowners and sportsmen make excuses as to why game populations are low. Often they do not attribute the reduction in game animals to an increase in predatory animals. For many years it was the consensus of most wildlife biologists that predation did not affect normal healthy game populations. That theory has now been discounted by extensive research. Predator management, conducted in association with proper habitat and harvest management, provides the landowner or wildlife manager assurance that his property will sustain huntable populations of desired game species. Here is a prime example of how predators like red fox effect duck populations. In a study conducted in Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, the Dakotas and Manitoba; Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center biologist Alan Sargeant and colleagues found that foxes annually consumed about 900,000 common ducks. So with this data it's not hard to figure out that effective trapping of red fox will increase duck numbers. With this and other available data, Delta Waterfowl instituted a predator management program. Visit the Delta Waterfowl website and learn how predator management has substantially increased the nesting success rates in their pothole nesting grounds. It was also found that raccoons, skunks, coyotes, and opossums also eat a substantial quantity of ground nesting bird eggs. In fact, it has been proven in Mississippi that the raccoon is the number one nest raider of wild turkey. Raccoons are also the number one nest raider of endangered and threatened sea turtle nest sites along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts.

The coyote, which is an intelligent animal, is one of the top predators because they work in packs and are very effective at adapting to new environments. Deer fawn kills from coyotes are quite high. According to documented research, coyotes, when present, account for approximately 50% of documented fawn deaths. Most hunters never comprehend how many deer fawns are being killed by coyotes each spring. Not only should we keep our game animal populations in check, we should also keep the predator population in check. The America sportsman has done an outstanding job protecting and paying for wildlife improvement. But now the great comeback of deer, wild turkey, and waterfowl are in some areas being negatively impacted by the influx of predators. Coyotes are thriving in areas that they were absent from just 10 years ago. Raccoons are spreading their range northward and westward. Many predators are so adaptive to habitat changes that they are thriving in large city environments. Trapping is by far the most effective tool for managing predator and beaver populations. Over the last few years, predator management programs that incorporate trapping have proven to be very successful. However, it is essential that trapping be performed by professional, educated and ethical trappers.

Predator Management Solutions conducts wildlife and predator management across the Southeastern United States. If you are a large property owner or lands manager and would be interested in enhancing game populations on your property, please contact me.

Doug McKenzie