Bentley Family History

Descendants of George Bentley and Susannah Owen(s)

of Byron, Fond du Lac County WI, and England
with descendants in Mich., Wis, Ohio, Indiana and points west

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 Bentley-Braford Clipping Collection 

 Braford line 

George Bentley was one of 14 children born in England to William and Hannah Bentley. His father was born ca. 1801 and his mother Hannah was born 8 July 1802.

The children of William and Hannah were as follows:
*William Bentley, born 16 July 1824;

William had the following children: George S., born ca. 1851; Charles F. born ca. 1852; John, born ca. 1853; Charles S. born ca. 1854; Mary E. born ca. 1855;

*Richard Bentley, born 21 Sept. 1825

*John Bentley, born 29 April 1827

*Amy Esther Bentley, born 3 Jan. 1829; Died 9 Aug. 1853 at age 24.

*George William Bentley, born 3 Oct 1831 at Ashford, Kent, England. He emmigrated to NY ca. 1850, and on 19 April, 1854, at Homer, Cortland Co. NY, he married Susanna Owen, daughter of John Owen and Frances Holmes. George and Susanna then settled in Dodge Co., WI, near Lomira, where they remained for the rest of their lives. George enlisted in the civil war, and his military papers indicate that he suffered a hernia. The papers also note that his surname is spelled 'Bentley' not 'Bently' so there must have been some confusion regarding the spelling of his name, and tracking down his military records later on. George died 17 Aug. 1904, and he and Susanna are buried in Byron Cemetery, Fond du Lac Co. WI.

George and Susanna were the parents of :

*Robert Bentley, born 2 July 1855 at Lomira, WI; married Melissa Collins; married Amelia Steiner.

*George Bentley, born 1 Oct 1856; died 3 Nov. 1864 at age 8.

*Frances Bentley, born 4 Oct. 1859 at Lomira, WI; married Andrew Gilson Braford.

*William George Bentley, born 8 Dec 1866 at Lomira WI; married Cora Emily Pickering.

*Amy Bentley, born 25 Jan. 1870 at Lomira, WI; married John E. Wooldridge.

*Benjamin Bentley, born 28 Dec 1832; died 21 Apr 1852.

*James Bentley, born 5 Feb 1834.

*Betsey Bentley, born 24 July 1835 at Ashford, Kent, England. Married George Cheeseman ca. 1855. died 29 Jan. 1889 at age 53.

*Nellie Cheeseman, born ca. 1866.

*Sara Bentley, born 1 April 1837.

*William Bentley Jr., born 5 March 1839.

*Thomas Bentley, born 9 Feb. 1841.

*Daniel Bentley, born 18 May 1843.

*Jane Bentley, born 1 Nov. 1846. married William Barnes.

*Amy Barnes, born 1874.

*William Barnes, born 1880.

*Samuel Bentley, born ca. 1833?