Berghandler Family History

Descendants of Frederich August Berghandler and Bertha Franke

of Fond du Lac, WI, Pittsburgh PA and Burkersdorf, Germany

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  My Franke Line 

 My Keilberg Family 

Frederich August Berghandler was born in Germany 27 June 1845.  He emmigrated first to America ca. 1881, finding a home for his family in Pittsburgh, PA. 

On 31 May 1882, the S.S. Hermann docked in Baltimore Md, from Hamburg, Germany, bringing his wife Bertha and their children Otto  11, Bruno 4, and Martha 6 mos.  to their new home.   No further trace can be found of Martha, so perhaps she did not survive infancy.

In 1896 Bertha was stricken and died from typhoid, and a year later August married Mrs. Louisa Biernath Kerschner, a widow.  Interviews with family members indicate that this second marriage for August caused a rift between father and children that was never healed.

On 5 Nov. 1911 August Berghandler died in Pittsburgh. His will was filed with the probate courst in that city and stipulates that his estate is to be divided six ways - one part for his widow and five parts for his five children. Unfortunately when listing the heirs by name, the court records only list Louisa his widow, and sons Otto and Bruno.  Records did not list his daughters by name, and so it is still difficult to determine if they were daughters or step-daughters.

When his father remarried, son Bruno left home and did not return.  Only six days after his mother's funeral, he left home to work on various boats that hauled produce and cattle up and down the Ohio River, also traveling through Eastern Pennsylvania and New York on freight trains, getting work where he could, and seeing the country.  On his 21st birthday he enlisted in the Army, and was stations in the Phillipines after the Spanish-American War, during the Phillipine Insurrection.

After his discharge, he again began traveling, stopping in Wisconsin to visit relatives.  There he met and eventually married his first cousin, Augusta Emma Keilberg.

In the 1930's Bruno traveled to Pittsburgh to re-establish contact with his siblings and cousins.  By the time he had retired, in 1950, he made a second trip, searching for his sister's daughter Anna, who used to work in a department store, and whom he had located in his earlier trip.   Upon returning to Fond du Lac WI from this fruitless search, Bruno suffered a heart attack and died.

This record is an attempt to continue Bruno's search for his family.