Braford Family History

Descendants of Robert Braford and Sarah Cornish

of Cayuga Co. NY
with descendants in Mich., Wis, Ohio, Indiana and points west

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Braford Family History 



 Bezaleel Spencer Biography 


 1862 letter 
from Henry Parsels of Mich. 
to his daughter Caty Braford of WI. 

  My Parsels Line 

Robert Braford was an 'orfin', according to court documents   He was born ca. 19 Feb. 1753 in Massachusetts. 

He met and married Sarah Cornish, on 24 Dec.1773 in New Canaan, Conn.   Robert was a Revolutionary War Soldier, and was awarded a pension for service to his country. 

He and his wife were the parents of 10 known children.  They resided for the first 20 years of their marriage, in New Ashford, Berkshire Co. Mass. 

They moved to Cayuga Co. Ny  ca. 1800 

Their many descendants can be found in NY, Mich, WI, Minn., Ill, Utah, Mont.