Conklin Census

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 1862 letter 
from Henry Parsels of Mich. 
to his daughter Caty Braford of WI. 
 Henry Conklin, Fond du Lac Pioneer 
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1850 Census Records, Richland County, Plymouth Township, District #127, page 362, Aug. 26, 1850

William Concklin, age 40, born NY, son of John M. Concklin
Delia,  37, b. NY
Mary, f  17
Gennett   f   15
John M.  m   10
Hannah   f   7
Artemisia   f   6
Rebecca   f   2

(Notes by KKA - mary married Ethan Vail; Hannah married ---- Adams, and is the mother of Katherine K. Adams; Artemisia should be recorded as Artemus, a boy; and Rebecca married Wm. Bereman.  Delia, the wife of William Concklin, was Delia Kellogg.)

1850 Census Record, page 296, Auburn, NY, Cayuga Co., Niles Twp. of Richard, brother of John Marcus Concklin..

Richard Concklin     age 74, born NY
Esther                               65 (Esther Cuttaback)
Egbert                               29
Louisa                              25
Augustus Sturgess       13

1850 Census Record of Jacob Concklin, son of John Marcus Concklin,m page 297, Auburn, NY  Niles Twp

Jacob Concklin    51
Calista   46 (Calista Benson)
William   22
Benson   17
Maria   13
Eugene   9
Smith    5

1850   Sept 8, Owasco, Cayuga County, page 159, Record of Henry Concklin, son of John Marcus Concklin

Henry Concklin    age 37, born NY
Lydia     40    (Lydia Joralemon)
Fay   14
John   11
Horace   9
Mary   7
Harriet   5
Delia   2
Catherine   1
John Concklin   79

Records of a Parsel Family
1850 Census, Owasco, Cayuga Co.  page 160

Ruloff Parcell   age 45
Almira     43