Conklin Family History

Descendants of
Henry Parsels and Sarah Conklin

of Cayuga Co. NY
with descendants in Mich., Wis, Ohio, Indiana and points west

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Conklin Family History

 1917 TREE drawing


 1862 letter
from Henry Parsels of Mich. 
to his daughter Caty Braford of WI. 

 Henry Conklin, Fond du Lac Pioneer
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Sarah Conklin was born 19 Oct 1794, the daughter of John Marcus Conklin and Blondean Ostrom.  The Conklin family and their collateral ancestral lines, are woven through the fabric of early American history. 

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Sarah Conklin married Henry Parsels. He was born 12 Oct. 1791 in Schraalenburg, Bergen Co.,  NJ, the son of Willem Persel and Rebecca Leslie (also spelled Asley, Ashley, Esselie, Lashly, Ossly).  One of their children refers to his grandfather as  "John" Parsel, and so this muddies the waters on the name of Henry's parents.

In 1917, Morilla Garrison, a descendant of Henry and Sarah, published a family history for her relatives.  She did such a complete job of research and documentation, that copies of her notes, and her 'tree' can be found in almost all the branches of descendants today.   Morilla does state that Sarah Conklin married "John" Parsel, but the letter signed by Henry Parsels to his daughter Caty, verifies that his name was Henry.

Morilla  traced Sarah's Conklin ancestry back several generations to John Conklin of Rye NY, who resided there in the late 1600's. 

She also drew a 'tree' showing all 611 descendants of Sarah and Henry thru the year 1917. 

I was lucky enough to find her written history of Sarah's ancestry in the hands of one distant cousin, and then my luck multiplied when I found another distant cousin, who had a copy of the tree. 

I was also able to obtain a copy of the letter written by Henry Parsels in 1862, in which he tells his daughter Caty of the relatives who have died within the previous 8 years.   He also tells her where all her brothers and sisters were currently located (for correspondence purposes).