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Col. Henry Conklin settled in Fond du Lac County in 1841.   He was born in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co. NY  ca. 1794.  He operated steamboats on the Hudson River, before migrating west to Wisconsin. 

He purchased a farm in Section 7 of the township of Empire, and at one time owned most of the mills in and around Fond du Lac, including one at Oakfield.  His Mountain Mill was operated 1841-42 and was considered one of the best in the state. 

He is credited with bringing the first sheep into the county. 

He married Mary Ann Hewitt, in NY,   possibly served in the War of 1812 

Their children include: 
Henry Hewitt Conklin, 1819-1884 
Robert Conklin, 1825 - ?; married in May 1852 to Sarah Tallmadge 
William Davies Conklin, b. 1831; died 23 Nov 1897; married Mary E. Stow 
Theodore Conklin, married 15 Sept 1864? to Alice Wood?; died 26 Nov. 1912 
James Conklin, died 31 Dec. 1892/3 
Edgar Conklin 
Mary Conklin, born 27 June 1827; died 12 Aug 1903. married B. F. Moore 
Fannie Conklin, born 8 May 1833, died 3/4 Dec 1905 

Records indicate Col Conklin died on 10 Apr, 1867 at age 67, although his tombstone says 4 Apr, 1862. 
His wife Mary Ann died 25/26 Jan, 1878/79? 

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