Helmer Family History

Descendants of Ludwig Helmer and Dorothea Shroder

of Kingston, Green Lake Co. WI and Arenswalde, Germany

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Ludwig (Lewis) Helmer and Dorothea Shroder resided in Germany, but little is known of them other than their names.  They had at least 7 children, several of whom remained in Germany, while the rest settled in Green Lake Co. Wisconsin 

Family tradition states that one of the first members of the family to emmigrate to America, was Fredricka Helmer.  She supposedly married   ---- Schultz, and then one by one, saved up enough money to pay for the passage of her younger sibilings.  Two of her brothers, Frank and William, remained in Germany and did not emigrate to America.

Herman August Helmer, one of the youngest boys, lists a birthplace of Arenswalde, Germany.  This location is now in the country of Poland, and only a little ways from this town is a small hamlet called Helmersrude.