Keilberg Family History

Descendants of August Friedrich Keilberg

of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin and Burgstadt, Germany

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Photos of Keilberg family

Creations of Paul Keilberg

Keilberg documents

  My Berghandler Line 

 My Franke Line 

The name Keilberg is a very unique name in the United States.  Oral history passed down from one generation to the next, states that there were 4 Keilberg brothers. 3 of the brothers came to America originally, along with a nephew of the fourth brother. This was partially verified recently, when the Church records were received from Burgstadt, Germany. I have found the descendants of Karl and Wilhelm Keilberg in Fond du Lac, WI., mainly because they are my direct ancestors, and in my home location. Information on their brother Hermann, who settled in Chicago, is more difficult to locate. A fourth brother Friedrich, evidently remained in Burgstadt

Wilhelm Keilberg, born 2 Aug 1844 in Germany. Emmigrated Sept 1882. Oral family history indicates that he sold his bakery in Burgstadt to pay for passage to America for his family.

Hermann Keilberg, born 19 March 1850 in Burgstadt. Emmigrated in 1885.

Karl Keilberg was born 8 Oct. 1842 in Germany. He was the oldest, but emmigrated last, in June 1902.

Many emmigrations were initiated to avoid conscription into the German military. Oral history indicates that Karl Keilberg had immigrated, and found and established a location for his family. When he returned to collect his wife and children, he was seized and constripted into the German army, and had to serve out his enlistment before they could emmigrate.

Kurt/Courtney Keilberg - possibly died young, and 2 of his 4 children took the Scharf name of their step-father.