Mott Family History

A copy of the research notes prepared by Morilla Garrison in 1917

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by Morilla Garrison, 1917 

1. Adam Mott, of New York, came from Essex county, England, settled in New Amsterdam, and became a Dutch citizen and was granted land by the government. He arrived from England 2 July 1635 his age was 39 years, and his wife Sara was 31, the children wore: 
Jo born 1621 age 14 when arriving in this country 
Adam 1623         12 
Jonathan 1626     9 
Elizabeth 1629     6 
Mary 1631           4 

[Subsequent research tends to now disprove a direct lineage between (1) Adam and Sara, of Portsmouth, RI, and (2) Adam Mott of Long Island.    See  Additional Reference Material ]

2. Adam Mott, born 1623, died 1689; married first 23 July 1647 to Jane, daughter of Lewis Hewlet of Buckingham, England. Married 2nd, Elizabeth Redman. This Elizabeth Redman was the daughter of John and Ann Redman, and was the step-daughter of John Richbell, and is often recorded as Elizabeth Richbell. 
Adam, in 1646 was granted land at Green Point, LI. by George Keift; The following is a copy of the marriage record from Dutch Church Records: 
Married July 28, 1647, Adam Maet yr jm uyt graefschape Esseck en Jenne Hulet id uyt Graegschap Buckingham. 
Adam Mott died in 1689, made his will 12 March 1682. His widow Elizabeth Redman Mott in 1691 confirmed certain lands to his sons of the first marriage. The widow married ca. 1691 Robert Hubs and was living in 1698. 
Reference Edward Hart Descendants and Allied Families, page 114 

Adam Mott resided at Cow (Great) Neck and Hempstead, L.I. he was commissioned Lieut. of the town militia by Gov. Richard Nicolls, 22 April 1665. Ref: NY Bio. & Gen. Record, vol. 43 page 198.

Adam Mott of Hempstead, Long Island, first heard of in New York in 1645. Married 28 July 1647, Jane Hulet; he was of Co. Essex, England and she, a maid from Co. Buckingham. The two oldest children, Adam and James were baptized in New York. Ten years later he was settled at Hempstead, where he resided until his death. 

Several important documents concerning him are on record: 
1. 1662, naming 4 sons by first wife Jane: Adam, Jeames, John and Joseph; 
2. will, dated 12 March 1681 at age of 60, naming children; 
3. agreement in 1691 by widow (2nd wife) confirms certain lands to children of first marr.; 
4. 1703, release by Jno. Okeson, who married the youngest daughter of his interest in the estate given by Adam Mott to the 6 children of 2nd wife, Eliz. 

The second wife of Adam Mott was daughter of Ann, the wife of John Richbell, of Mamaronek, probably by a previous husband named Redman. 
Adam Mott died probably a little before 5 April, 1690. Children by first wife: 
Grace married Jonathan Smith Jr. 
and Gershom. 
Children by second wife: 
Elizabeth married Jno. Okeson, 

3. Joseph Mott, son of Adam Mott and Jane Hulet, was of Cow Neck, a vestryman of St. George's Parish and had wife Mariam. His will was made 24 March 1734/5 and proved the following February. children" 
Mariam, married Samuel Cornell 
Jane, married Benjamin Seamans 
Jacob, born 9 Aug 1714/5 
all had issue 

4. Joseph Mott, son of Joseph Mott and wife Mariam, was born 1696 or earlier earlier; he married his half cousin, Deborah, daughter of Richbell Mott (son of Adam Mott and second wife Elizabeth). He married second, Cathren Boerum, 3 June 1759. Was vestryrnan at St. George's 1743-9. Removed to Charlotte Precinct, Dutchess Co. Will made 1762, proved 1765. Children by first wife: 
-Richard, married Elizabeth Smith 
-Joseph, married Phebe Smith 
*-Martha, married James Valentine
-Jane, married Timothy Smith 
-Elizabeth, married Samuel Smith 
Jemima, married John Cannon 
Children by second wife: 

Richard of the first wife, remained in Hempstead, married Elizabeth Smith and died without issue 1757/s. Joseph Mott married 14 Jan 1748/9 Phebe Smith , had son Joseph Mott, and was living in Charlotte Precinct, 1767, in Clinton 1789. Soon after this Joseph (#4.) and son Joseph, with Samuel and Jacob, English sympathizers, went to northwestern Vermont, and settled in that part of Caldwell's manor, which is now Alburgh. Descendants are numerous both on the Canadian side and in the northern counties of Vermont and New York. 

5. Martha Mott, daughter of Joseph Mott and wife Mariam, married James Valentine. Their daughter Sarah Valentine married Matthew Concklin. See Conklin family. 

3. Richbell Mott, son of Adam Monte and Elizabeth Redman, w S of Great Neck; married 1696 Elizabeth Thorne. and died in fall of 1734. 
Their children were: 
-Richbell, apparently died unmarried 
-Elizabeth, married Adam Mott of Staten Is. 
-Mary, married John Treadwell 
-Ann, married I .Daniel Kissam; 2 - Jotham Townsend 
-Jemima, married Stephen Wood 
-Kezia, married John Jackson 
*-Deborah. married Joseph Mott (son of Joseph, son of Adam) 

Reference: "Descendants of Adam Mott of Hempstead, Long Island" by Edward Doubleday Harris - 

Morilla Garrison Adrian, Mich. 1917 

*** Ref: NY Bio. & Gen. Record, vol. 43 page 198. 
*** Reference Edward Hart Descendants and Allied Families, page 114 
*** Reference: "Descendants of Adam Mott of Hempstead, Long Island" by Edward Doubleday Harris -