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In the summer of 1958, Mr. Waldo C. Sprague of Wollaston, Mass., visited England and made searches in Essex County relating to the families of Thomas Cornell and Adam Mott of Portsmouth, R.I.,  and he has kindly given me the results to present to The American Genealogist.

The American Genealogist Vol. 20, page 227-228

MOTT, Adam (p344, 1st col.) was the son of "oulde John Mott" who was admitted a freeman at Aquidneck in 1638. In 8 mo.: 1639 John Mott's land is mentiond. On 29 Aug. 1644, 25 Jan. 1648/9, 2 June 1650, 19 Jan 1651/2, 9 June 1652, 2 June 1653, 20 June 1653 and 17 June 1654, the town of Portsmouth, R. I. provided for his care (Records of the Town of Portsmouth). On 23 Jan 1654/5, the town agreed to pay the passage of "ould John Mott to Barbados Iland and back again if he cannot be received there, if he live to it, if the shipp owners will carried him." (ib., p. 66)  On 3 July 1656 further provision was made for his keep and "the oulde mans son Adam" engaged to give a cow and a supply of corn towards it (ib. p. 72).  The ould man was evidently held in high esteem, for the order of 9 June 1652 provided "that there shalbe a stone house built for the more comfortabl beinge of ould John Mott in the winter" (ib. p. 58).

John (2nd col.), son of Adam.  The entried attributed to him by Austin refer to the above "ould John Mott" his grandfather. John, son of Adam, is named in his father's will dated 2:2mo.; 1661, which provides that his brothers shall pay him 20/ "if he demand it in such pay as in ye place passeth for pay here amonge us." This would seem to indicate that at this time he had removed from Rhode Island.

The American Genealogist Vol. 35, page 107

MOTT.  Page 344,  1st column

The printed Portsmouth Town Records [p. 72] show that Adam Mott was son of "ould John Mott" when the Town provided for the latter's support,  3 July 1656.  The first two items given by Austin in col. 2 under John son of Adam Mott actually refer to Adam's father John, who probably died not long after the 1656 entry.

In the shipping list, Adam is stated to have come from Cambridge. He evidently belonged to the nearby Ezzes parish of Saffron Walden, where the surname occurs as far back as 1570 in the parish register. The following entries pertain to Adam of Portsmouth: Married 28 Oct. 1616, Adam Mott and Elizabeth Creel; Buried 18 June 1617, a man child of Adam Mott; and Baptized 6 Sept 1618, John son of Adam Mott. At the neighboring parish of Horseheath, co. Cambridge, Adam Mott and Sarah Lott were married 11 May 1635.

The following entries from Saffron Walden may pertain to Adam Mott's father, John Mott: Buried 2 Jan. 1610/11, Elizabeth wife of John Mott; Buried 4 May 1619, Catherine wife of John Mott; Buried 2 Jan 1616/17, Ann daughter of John Mott; and Baptized 29 Sept. 1625, Elizabeth daughter of John and Mary Mott.

Another Adam Mott came to Newbury, Mass., and later migrated to Long Island. In the shipping list in 1638 he was aged 19 years, and in his will in 1681 he called himself aged about 60. At his marriage to his first wife, Jane Hallet, in 1647, the Dutch Church records of New Amsterdam enter him as from Essez County. This Adam Mott had children by his first wife named James, Grace, Henry, John, Joseph and Gershom. The Saffron Walden Parish Registers contain the following baptisms of children of James and Grace Mott:
Adam,   21 Jan 1620/1
Henry,  31 May 1623
George,  20 Nov. 1625.

It will be noted that the Adam baptized 1620/1 was of the proper age to be the Long Island settler, and that the names James, Grace and Henry correspond. James Mott, father of the above Adam, may possibly have been son of a Mr. George Mott who was buried at Saffron Walden 7 Feb. 1614/15.

Probably the two Adams were closely related. Further research in Essex and Cambridgeshire is indicated.

*** The American Genealogist Vol. 35, page 107 Additions and Corrections to Austin's Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island
by G. Andrews Moriarity, A.M., LL.B., F.S.A.