Owen Family History

Descendants of John Owen and Frances Holmes(s)

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John Owen was born 12 Dec 1794 in England. He married Frances Holmes ca. 1818. Frances was born 25 Jan 1798, in England.

John and Frances Owen were the parents of:

Amy Owen, born 19 June 1820.

Mary Owen, born 8 Sept 1821

Robert Owen, born 19 March 1823; married ca. 1845 to Mary Ann....

Amealy Owen, born 9 March 1825

David J. Owen, born 21 Sept 1826; married Mary Anne Whiley (b. 1836, Friskney, Lincolnshire, England) and they settled in Oakland Co. Mich.

Dinah Owen, born 21 Dec 1829

Susanna Owen, born 24 May 1832; married 19 April 1854 at Homer, Cortland Co NY to George William Bentley; (see Bentley line)

Ruth Owen, born 17 June 1835

Harriet Owen, born 24 Aug 1839

John Owen, born 4 Feb 1842