Regan Family History

Descendants of Cornelius Mahoney and Margaret Regan

of Inchigeelah, Co. Cork, Ireland

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Margaret Regan was born 21 Aug 1843 in Co. Cork, Ire.  She was the daughter of Daniel Regan and Mary Scott. About 1860 she married Cornelius Mahoney, the son of James Mahoney and Kate Herlehy.

Cornelius and Margaret had ten children, most of whom were born in Ireland.   I can estimate that Cornelius and Margaret married about 1860, but have not found any church record of their marriage.  In 1866, they were residing in Cahismuckee, dist. of Glengariff, and Mary (Scott) Regan, Margaret's mother, attended the birth of their son Timothy, and were again in this location in 1868 when daughter Catherine was born. 

In 1874, and again in 1876 they were listed as residing in Dereendonide, dist. of Coolmountain for the birth of their son Cornelius and their daughter Johanna. 

About 1883, Cornelius began to prepare to emmigrate to America with his son Tim.   Plans were made to stay with Hurley relatives in Richmond, McHenry Co. Ill, while they earned enough to pay for the passage of the rest of the family.   At about this time, son James, in the English army, had an Irish disagreement with his Sgt, also supposedly named Mahoney, which left the said Sgt. Mahoney fighting for his life.     James abruptly decided that he did not want to be hung, so he returned to his family, and was smuggled to America on his brother's passport. 

Cornelius stayed with Hurley and Cronin relatives in Richmond, McHenry Co. Ill (and Lake Geneva, WI) and eventually sent for the rest of his family.   In 1888, twins Ellen "Nellie" and Honora "Nora" Mahoney were bapt. in St. Patrick's Church, McHenry, Ill.  Sponsors were Alice Holian, Jeremiah, Honora and John Cronin. 

Cornelius's brother John had also migrated to America, settling first in Philadelphia.  His daughter Kate married a policeman named Gene O'Connell.    John also had a son Tim, and eventually Tim and John found their way to Fond du Lac, WI, where Cornelius resided. 

Cornelius, his wife Margaret, and his brother John are all buried in Calvary Cemetery, Fond du Lac, WI 

*** Inchigeelah Parish records, as found in 
*** St. Patrick Church Records, McHenry, Ill. 
***St. James Catholic Church Records, Inchigeelah Co. Cork, as found by Mary Ingenthron in 1972.