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of Eggs & Chickens

Neil Reinhardt

Neil Reinhardt was born on Oct. 9, 1910 in Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin. He was the fifth of thirteen children born to John J and Maggie Mahoney Reinhardt, although three of the thirteen children did not survive infancy.

The Reinhardt family's first farm was located east of Fond du Lac on Fourth Street Road, northwest of the Empire Woolen Mills. The barn that John J Reinhardt built on this farm still stands today.

When Neil was still very young, the family moved to a larger farm on Martin Road, southeast of the City of Fond du Lac. The farm is situated just south of a one-lane wooden bridge that crosses the Chicago Northwestern Railroad tracks.

John J Reinhardt, in addition to farming and raising ten children, was a carpenter, milk hauler, and Chairman of the Town of Fond du Lac. He also served on the Fond du Lac County Board. Neil followed in his father's footsteps, hauling milk to Galloway-West in Fond du Lac. He was operating South Side Dairy, a bottled milk delivery business, when he met and married Emma Berghandler, a native of Fond du Lac.

After their marriage in 1936, they eventually settled on a farm only 3/4 mile from the farm where Neil grew up. The road past his farm, which originates at the old wooden railroad bridge on Martin Road, was eventually named Reinhardt Road.

Neil and Em were the parents of seven children, and served as foster parents for several children before they started their own family. After retiring from farming, Neil worked for fifteen years for Hutter Construction Company of Fond du Lac. His retirement farm was located on Cody Road, near Mt. Calvary, but eventually Neil and Em moved to Fond du Lac. Once settled in the city, Neil started writing down his memories of farming.