Reinhardt Family History

Memories of Eggs and Chickens

Stories from Neil Reinhardt

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of Eggs & Chickens

The Karo Syrup Pail

The 1/2 gallon syrup bucket held many things other than its original contents. After the last of the golden syrup had been poured over hot cakes, it was washed out and saved so some boy or girl could use it to carry their lunch to the country school.

I carried one of these buckets. It has held sandwiches of a wide variety. Most times the sandwiches were made from home baked bread. The bread was spread with butter, than cold meat sliced from a roast, either pork, beef or ham. The kind of meat depended on the roast served for dinner or supper the day before.

Sometimes the filling was egg salad, and if there wasn't anything else handy, or if sandwiches had to be made in a hurry, eggs were fried and put between slices of bread. Sometimes we just had bread and butter, with homemade jelly or jam.

There was always a cookie or two, from molasses to the fancy Christmas cookies. During Lent every day, and on Fridays, when we couldn't eat meat, there was a hard boiled egg with a little salt and pepper, wrapped in some wax paper.

My friend John, if he found an egg in his bucket, cracked it so it could be peeled, by hitting himself or the nearest one to him on the head. Sometimes an apple, orange or 1/2 banana was included.

During the winter one might find a jar of fruit that had been canned during the summer as it ripened. When the hogs were butchered in the fall, liver sausage was made and put in small stone crocks. It made a good sandwich for a change, although I would not recommend it for a steady diet.

On my way to and from school I had to walk past the shacks of old Bill Peters, a bachelor. He made his living by trapping, keeping bees and doing odd jobs. One early spring day, before the flowers were in bloom, I saw he was busy feeding some honeycomb to his weak colonies of bees. When he asked if I liked honey,, I said 'Sure', so he cut off part of the comb and put it in my lunch bucket on top of my lunch. That day I got more sticky than the original contents of my syrup pail.