Reinhardt Family History

Memories of Eggs and Chickens

Stories from Neil Reinhardt

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of Eggs & Chickens


Quoting my dad: "If you get in trouble in school, you are going to be in twice as much trouble when you get home!"

If I did something foolish or something without thinking he would say "I guess I have to put another head on you." He also advised me as follows: "If you go to a banker to borrow money, tell him everything. Most important, if you don't have the money to pay on the due date, be sure to report in. Don't have them come looking for you." "If you rent a farm on shares, and the crop is sold, give the landlord the extra penny if there is one."

Quoting my mom as she watched me getting ready for school: "My land alive, look at those ears. You could plant potatoes in them!" Then she scrubbed them until my ears were red.

When us kids misbehaved, she'd say: "I'll get a switch from the lilac bush!" Another time she might say: "I'll paddle you till you can't sit down!" But she never did.

Adam Bednarek, our good friend's father, gave us some good advice many years ago when he said: "You must be thrifty and saving, but not to be so saving that you go to bed hungry or cold."

Bill Mullen was our landlord until we bought the farm from him. He told me one time: "Neil, if all you have when you leave this world is what you earned with your back, you are going out a poor man."

When one of the best of our 30 cow herd died suddenly, I felt pretty bad until a friend said "If you didn't have them, you couldn't lose one." When our puppy got in mischief, my dad would say "I'll cut your tail off behind your ears."

As years passed, I repeated some of these sayings to my kids and added some of my own, which they remind me of from time to time.

Editor's note: Dad forgot to mention the most famous one, administered to every skinned knee and bruise: "You'll be better before the cat lays an egg!!!"