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Waiting Rooms

The dictionary defines a waiting room as a place where people gather to wait. There are almost as many different kinds as people who wait in them. The Doctors waiting room, I'm sure, is one we are all familiar is just a room with some chairs, some old magazines, and a slow-moving clock. One wonders if the gears are stripped in the clock - it moves so slow.

As one looks through the eight-month-old magazines, you finally find one with an article that is interesting and begin to read. When you get real interested in it, either the nurse calls, or someone has cut out a page from the magazine to get a recipe.

As you sit in the Dentist's waiting room wondering 'have I been brushing and flossing my teeth so I won't have to have that drill in my mouth? Your name is called and you're finally seated in the torture chair. The dentist says 'There's a little spot on that molar, I'll have to put a filling in there'. The he puts as much of his hand in your mouth as he can get in and you begin to wonder if he has a jackhammer and is trying to fix your belly button by way of your mouth.

In a hospital waiting room, people wait to be near a loved one going through surgery. I personally have spent some time in the waiting room of St. Agnes Hospital many years ago. After five long waits the doctor always came to me and said 'You have a daughter!'. On the sixth trip he said 'Congratulations! You have a son!'

When sitting in the waiting room of a large airport and watching the people come and go, you wonder where they are going, where they came from. You see many greetings and good-byes. A voice on the speaker announces Flight 127 arriving at gate 10. Soon there are many people streaming from the gate, some are greeted at the gate. You can tell the businessmen have done this many times before. One lonely couple timidly find a seat - they seem very nervous. Suddenly their eyes light up as someone comes toward them. After many embraces and much talking in a language you don't understand, you wonder if our country is going to have two new citizens.

Most railway station waiting rooms date back many years. I don't believe they've been improved since Hector was a pup. The hard seats are something like church pews and just as hard. I believe they were made that way so people would not fall asleep and miss their train, or like the church pews, so one does not fall asleep and miss the sermon.

My experience in the waiting room outside the Internal Revenue Office in Neenah was the worst ever. Following a receipt of their letter telling you to bring proof of certain tax deductions, you gather all the information you think they need, and you arrive at their waiting room early ... worrying if you are late that the FBI will come looking for you. As you sit and wait things go through your mind. Did I report all my income? Did they find out about that $97 I received in cash for some work I did? What about donations to charities? The money I gave to the church? Can I prove all that interest I paid? As I sit sweating, my name is called. In just a few minutes it is all over. It was just about one of our girls. She was 21 years old and I had claimed her as a dependent. She was in college at the time, and I could prove it had cost me more than her earnings from her part-time job.

The next time you have to wait past your appointment time, take it easy and relax. Someone else may need emergency attention. In the hospital, I have found that some babies take longer to be born than others. At the airport, weather plays a big part in the arrival and departure of planes. Trains have troubles too.. Someone may have tried to beat the train at the crossing, and as a result, it had to stop while workmen had to dig parts of a car, maybe some people from under the train.

And I learned you don't have to worry about the IRS if you do a good job on your tax returns.