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of Eggs & Chickens

The Wedding Without a Cake Almost

Making arrangements for a wedding when both the bride and groom are hundreds of miles away calls for a lot of work for the bride's parents. Our daughter Diane was working as a secretary in Washington, D. C., for then Congressman Staebler of Michigan, when she met her future husband Don, whose family lived in Minneapolis. Diane had flown home and made most of the arrangements a month prior to the big day. When my wife met her friend Trudy Kohlman at some doings, she told her she wanted her to bake another wedding cake for the family. She had made one for our daughter Barbara the previous year. Her cakes were superb, just fantastic, and we looked forward to her gorgeous cake, feeling honored to know someone with such skills. Well, my wife was to get back to Mrs. Kohlman with the color details as soon as she talked to our daughter.

Then the hectic times really began. We had just moved into our new house on one corner of the farm. My wife and I were both working at the time. I began to think it would be better if Diane had called one day and said "Don and I were married...!"

Then the big day arrived and I proudly walked down the aisle of St. Joseph's Church with her on my arm. Everything was perfect, even the weather, until we arrived at the place for the reception and dinner. The first thing Diane wanted to see was the Wedding Cake. Alas, there was none! A frantic phone call to Trudy Kohlman....that poor dear was appalled. She hadn't heard from my wife and had assumed we'd gotten some one else to bake the cake! My wife and Diane went into a small room, where they had a brief cry, interrupted by my sister and my cousin, who said not to worry. They were off to Everix Bakery to remedy the situation. The baker they found was ready to go to his home, having worked all night, but he kindly noted their distress, and promptly put two large pan cakes together, iced them beautifully, put a miniature Bride and Groom on top, and sent them back to the reception. Only the members of the family knew about this gefugalty...

Everyone sat down and enjoyed the wonderful Wedding Dinner. By the time they were ready to cut the cake, it was in it's place at a special table. Now Diane and Don really have something to remember their Wedding Day by, and so have the rest of the family.