Schussler Family History

Descendants of Elizabeth Schussler Reinhardt

of Bavaria and Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin

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The first trace of the Schussler surname that I can find, is the passenger list for the S. S. Emerald, which docked in NY on Sept 23, 1845.   The list includes:

John Schussler, 55     to Mich  (in 1845 that included the area of Wisconsin)
Margarethae Schussler, 46
Theresias Schussler, 22
Catherine Schussler, 19
Franz Schussler  16
Margareth Schussler 16
Eve Schussler  8
Anna Marie Schussler  5

Where in 1845 was Elizabeth Schussler?   She would become the baptismal sponsor for a great many of her nieces and nephews later on, but why did she not immigrate with her family?  Had she already met and married George Reinhardt?

The first trace of the Schussler surname in Wisconsin, is when Frank Schussler purchases 10 acres of land in the town of Empire, Fond du Lac Co. WI.  Today it is difficult to imagine how they existed on  one of the steepest hills in that area.   

In 1854 he sold this land to George and Elizabeth Schussler Reinhardt.

On 31 Jan. 1865, a mortgage is recorded by John Schusler of the 1st part, and Elizabeth Rhinebeck, of the second part, for the sum of $200.   Also recorded on this day is a mortgage for 80 acres of land, described as the ! 1/2  of SW 1/4 of section 36 in the town of Empire, Fond du Lac Co. WI

Next door is the farm of Eva Schussler and John Marx.