Thorne Family History

A copy of the research notes prepared by Morilla Garrison in 1917

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In "Sixty Long Island Families" by George W. Cocks, we have that "Henry Linington was a miller in Hempstead, his wife Catherine Ellison, daughter of Lawrence Ellison, in his will he mentions his sons-in-law but no married daughters, one son~in-1aw was Wm. Thorne, who married Winifred Linington. In 1683 "Winifred wife of William Thorne, disposes of meadow in Hempstead, given by her father Henry Livington." 

Wm. Thorne from England, with wife Susannah were living at Flushing, Long Island by 1645. Their eldest son William married Winifred Livington, daughter of Henry Linington of Hempstead, Long Island, probably about 1662. They had a daughter Elizabeth Thorne, born about 1667, died 1739, marriage license Oct. 14, 1696, Married Richard Mott. 

The following is copied from the New York Genealogy and Biographical Record, vol. 19, page 153, from the article Adam and Ann Mott, Genealogy by Thomas C. Cornell, 1890. 
William Thorne  probably of Essex, England was made freeman of on 2 Nay, 1638 and in that year had 30 & 10 acres of In 1645 he was of Flushing, Long Island. The original Patent granted by Governor Kieft on 19 Oct. 1645 naming him one of  the 18 patentees. In 1646 he was granted a plantation in Gravesend. In one of the proprietors of Jamaica and probably resided there for a time. It is probable that William and Sarah Thorne, the immigrants, were buried in the grounds of Friends Meeting House at Flushing. They had at least 4 sons and one daughter: 
 1. William  married Winifred of Hempstead, who settled at 
    Great Neck, of this family was probably Elizabeth 
    Thorne who in 1696 married the first Richbell Mott. 
 2. John  born 1643; died in 1709; married Mary     . of 
    Flushing, had 7 children. 
 3. Joseph  married Mary Brown and had 1.2 children 
 4. Samuel  born 1.637; died 1732; of Flushing. 
 5~ Susannah  married John Lockerson. 

William Thorne  married Winifred of Hempstead and later settled at Great Neck,  He signed a remonstrance at Flushing in favor of Friends 27 Dec. 1657.  In 1685 William Thorne was a freeholder of Hempstead, taxed for 150 acres of land. Died, probably in 1688. 
Margaret married to a Ralton 
Elizabeth married Richbell Mott 

Further notes on William, from History of Lynn, Mass. by Alonzo Lewis, page 64. Thorne is among the names that were living in Lynn, Mass. in 1637. Wm. Thorne removed to Long Island in 1642. 

And from NY C & B Record vol. 33, page 13; Wm. Thorne left Lynn along with Lady Deborah Moody and many others at Lynn, Mass. for they were charged with heresy in denying the right of the church to baptize infants. and that in the records of Court Essex County, Mass. he and others as declared in 1642/3 undoubtedly to escape persecution for their alleged offense to have "gone to Long Island. 

Wm. Thorne's wife Susanna, married second, William Hallett, before 24 April 1674. In 1669 (?) Susanna Hallett and her husband separated and the court records show that her son Joseph Thorne took an active part in his mother's behalf. 

Elizabeth Thorne  married Richbell Mont. See Mott Family. 

Morilla Garrison 
Adrian, Mich. 1917 

*** New York Genealogy and Biographical Record, vol. 19, page 153
*** NY C & B Record vol. 33, page 13