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Thomas Lee Elifritz - Scientific Publications - 1994 - 1995

On the Nature of Bismuth (I) Iodide in the Solid State, Spec. Sci. Tech, 17, 85 (1994). (PDF)

Superconductivity Theory Applied to the Periodic Table of the Elements, In NASA, Johnson Space Center, Proceedings of the 4th International Conference and Exhibition: World Congress on Superconductivity, Volume 2, 500 (1995).

Thomas Lee Elifritz - Research Papers, Proposals, Essays and Letters - 2007 - 2015

First Light, Research Proposal for Foundation Science at the Wisconsin Institute of Discovery.
An American Vision, Position Paper on National Science Policy, Submitted to
21st Century Space Policy, Comment Submitted to the National Academies Space Board.
Human Space Flight - A New Direction, Position Paper for the Augustine HSF Review Committee.
Augustine Committee Recommendations, Personal Letter to Norman Augustine at Lockheed Corporation.
The Planet Ceres - A Worthy Goal for a Great Nation, Commentary on National Space Policy.

The Meghar Scale of Planetary Mass Classification
The British Scale for Launch Vehicle Mass Classification

Commercial Orbital Space Transportation System, NASA Solicitation JSC-COTS-2.
Commercial Crew Development, NASA Solicitation JSC-CCDev-1.

Heavy Lift Launch and Propulsion Technology, NASA RFI Solicitation 05042010PS40.
Heavy Lift Launch and Propulsion Technology, NASA Broad Agency Announcement NNM10ZDA001K.
Heavy Lift Reusable Launch Vehicles, Quarterly Report, The Tsiolkovsky Group, Madison, Wisconsin, USA.
Launch LLC, Annual Report, The Tsiolkovsky Group, Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

United States National Space Policy, Safety, Security and Diplomacy through Science and Technology, Written Statement for the President and his Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST).
The Future of Life on Earth, NASA RFI Solicitation NNH10ZDA010L, The Past, Present, and Future of Life on Earth: Scientific Connections between NASA's Earth Science Division and Astrobiology Program.
Commercial Space Stations, NASA RFI Solicitation NNHXXZCJ001L, Evolving ISS into a LEO Commercial Market.
Asteroid Redirect Mission, NASA Broad Agency Announcement NNH14ZCQ002K.
Delta 9 Reusable Launch Vehicle, USAF RFI Solicitation 14-090, Booster Propulsion and Launch System.

Reusable Space Launch Systems, NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts NIAC Solicitation NNH11ZUA001N.
Resource Exploration and Exploitation in Near Earth Space, Satellite Salvage, Reservoir Crater Exploration and Asteroid Capture and Derotation, NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts NIAC Solicitation NNH12ZUA002N.
The Lunar Direct Polar Moon Base Concept, NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts NIAC Solicitation NNH13ZUA001N.
Internal Inflatable Pressure Vessels for Pressurized Upper Stage Fuel Tanks, NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts NIAC Solicitation NNH14ZOA001N-14NIAC.
Modular Space - Engine Recovery Modules for Reusable Space Flight, NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts NIAC Solicitation NNH15ZOA0001N-15NIAC-A1.

Quantum Astrophysics - Quantum Physics and Astrophysics - A New Paradigm For Human Habitation, NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts NIAC Solicitation NNH15ZOA0001N-15NIAC-A3.
The Quantum Initiative - Energy in the 21st Century.

Asteroid Missions - Upper Stage Orbiters, Landers, Hoppers and Bases.
Ceres Mission - Human Missions to the Fifth Planet Ceres.
OSIRIS-REx II to Mars - Mars Sample Return Mission Proposal for NASA and the Lunar Planetary Institute.

Phobos and Deimos - Living on the Moons of Mars.
Deimos Mission - Vertical Cylindrical Cased Tunnel Shaft Excavations For Solar and Galactic Cosmic Radiation Protection.

Lunar Direct - Landing on the Moon in a Single Launch.
Space Exploration and Development Architectures (For SpaceX Falcon Launch Vehicles).
Liquid Reusable Boosters for Lunar Direct Polar Moon Base Development (Using SLS Core Stages).
Lunar Injection, Circumnavigation, Flyby and Gravity Assist Trajectories (For SLS Core Stage Recovery).
The National Academies - Committee on Human Spaceflight - Public Input
The Evolution of a Reusable Space Launch System (SLS)
The Delta V Reusable Space Launch System

The Space Case - The Case For Space
Terraforming Planet Earth
Space Colonization
Earth Colonization
The Space Station
The Space Place

GroX - The Grok Box (URL)

Unpublished Early Work

The Geometry of Information (1985)
The Hydroponic Nutrient Solution (1978)