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***LAST UPDATED 1/22/2010***

As with all things, life happens and you find yourself with not enough time for almost anything. Well, the same thing happens to webmasters.
Hard to believe, but this sight hadn't been updated since April 2007!
So, seeing as how there's not nearly enough time to keep up with a web-site that can be continually updated, we've decided to make this site more of an on-line (and semi-interactive) scrapbook!

You'll notice most of the same things as before.
The "Timeline" pages are still there. Follow the evolution of one hardcore Nova.
And a few other pages that are virtually "Timeless"!

Pssssst... Have you seen those commercials with the "Shopshortlist Guy"?
I know that SHOPSHORTLIST.COM guy (He's my son!).
Didn't know that, didya, smarty-pants?

Once Spring hits, the weather becomes nice, and you know what that means...
The Nova Comes Out Of Hibernation!
What does that mean for you, the viewing public?
Not much really. Life will go on as it as for eons prior.
However, it will probably be much, much sweeter!*.

*This is an opinion. there is no scientific fact to base this statement on.

Here's something to whet your appetite until you see it in person:
Flag Waver

This portion of the site is dedicated to documenting, in photos, the changes made to my 1972 chevy nova!
So, please enjoy yourself as you browse through the pictures by following the year links below.
All photos have been painstakingly put in chronological order!



There wasn't enough big changes made 2007- Current, to warrant whole pages devoted to it.

Special Sections Of T.N.P.:

*T.N.P. Favorite*
If you want to see something old... This is the place to do it.
Click on the Magnifying Glass to go to the archives.

*A site special feature*
  3-D PIX
I set aside a little bit of web space for a page that has 3-D pictures!
Click on the 3-D Glasses to go to the 3-D Pix Page.
WHOA... It pops out!

 Gene's "Wall of Fame" 2006
If you want to see the finalists... Click on the hamburger.
Finalists 2006

Specs Page
THE SPECS HAVE ARRIVED!!! Check them out now.
Click the Diagnostic Sheets below to go to the Specs Page.

What kind of website would this be if it didn't tell other websites to go visit?
Check out my cool links by clicking on the chain (Get it?).

This following page has, for some unknown reason, been dubbed: "Words of Wisdom".
It should take you into the deepest part of a car guy's mind.
Good luck with that. This will probably be the least updated page.
However, you never know when something might just pop in there.
...The page, not my head.

Click the self-writing diary... er, I mean... JOURNAL! Yeah, that's it. Journal. To go to the W.O.W. PAGE.

Thought of a car guy...

*The page approved by Mrs. Smith*
The Wife's Page
This page has been among the favorites of Tim's Nova Place visitors.
On this page you will see some of the actual things uttered by my loving spouse throughout the years of having a four-wheeled mistress.
Click the Little Lady below to read some of the many remarks about my car from my wife. (FUNNY!)


The Nova was  featured in the "Chevy High Performance" magazine, February 2007 issue.
Here's a picture of the cover:

February 2007 Cover

And in case you missed it, you can also click on that cover above to go straight to the article.

Yo, Take a look at this:~IMPORTANT UPDATE~
I have decided to completely remove the guest book from my web site.
It was being bombarded with ungodly amounts of SPAM posts!!!
That's not cool, man... NOT COOL!

Sign it or else! :-)
"It tried to serve it's intended purpose, but porn advertisements were it's downfall."

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