According to the bio on your official website, Stich formed All Gone Dead in the spring of 2004 in London after having spent time in Utah in bands such as Tragic Black and Hollow Tongue.  What led him to leave Utah, or was there something or someone that brought him to London?

AGD: Stich is originally from Salt Lake City (Utah). In August 2004 he married Darlin' Grave (who lived in London and that is the reason why he relocated to the UK and continue his new project there.



Who's currently in All Gone Dead and what other projects have they been in or are currently still be a part of?

AGD: The current line-up is Stich (vocals) (Tragic Black, Hollow Tongue and Substained), Darlin' Grave (bass guitar) (international DJ and former member of very old bands like Pink Punk Panthers and Abismo) and MikeMihai (guitar) (he also Djs and played guitar for various punk bands in the past)



Does Darlin' Grave find that being a dj and knowing how people react to other bands help when it comes to the creation of new music and does she ever find herself trying out new All Gone Dead material while dj'ing?

AGD: It does help in a way, but we do whatever it feels right to us when it comes to music writing and composing. Darlin' Grave is always trying out AGD material when she spins. 'Sunday Went Mute' seems to be doing pretty well!




Growing up in the middle of nowhere I had a lot of free time which was spent listening to music.   'the day the country died' by The subhumans was one of my favorite cassettes for a while.  Does the band's name come from the song 'All Gone Dead' and if not where does it come from?

AGD: That is a classic album. Great to listen to! When the band was named it wasn't intentional, it was not on purpose, but it just fits us perfectly especially since the song is a post-apocalyptic view of the end of the world.




How does the scene in the UK and Europe differ from that of the scene in the US?  Do you find either one more vibrant than the other?

AGD: Both scenes have a lot of energy and they are both vibrant. Both scenes have a lot of history and great music. Different languages, cultures and people but all along you can find a lot of similarities in between.




What brought you into music?  Was there ever a specific moment that you remember saying to yourself, 'this is what I want to do' or have things just kind of worked out that way? 

AGD: Music has been a big part of our lives since we were kids. We always wanted to be a part of music and music was a part of us. So it is just natural to us.




Your debut album 'Fallen & Forgotten' is "coming up very soon".  do you have a tentative release date for it and Is it being independently released or have you signed with a label?

AGD: There is not an official release date yet, but we are shooting for the end of fall. There has been some talk with some labels, but nothing solid at this stage. That's all we can say for now.




how would you describe All Gone Dead to those not already familiar with your music?

AGD: We are very political and spiritual. We are dark and atmospheric but with a bite!




Musically or otherwise, what are the influences of the band and where does All Gone Dead find inspiration to create music?

AGD: A lot of inspiration comes form the world around us. We take inspiration from everything and everywhere. We just don't settle for one thing only.



The first show you performed as All Gone Dead was on the anniversary of Rozz Williams death, April 1st, 2005.  On top of that it was with the legendary band Ausgang and the well established Devilish Presley.  Most bands don't have such an auspicious live debut, did you feel any added pressure by any of this?

AGD: Of course we did! We were very lucky to debut with both of the bands on this special night and we are very grateful for this. We also played a tribute to Rozz Williams by closing our set with a Christian Death cover.



Outside of music how else do you pass time?

AGD: Darlin' Grave and MikeMihai dj and Stich is currently working on two books. We also entertain ourselves watching movies and spending time with friends and family.




If someone were to rummage through any of your musical collections, what surprises or guilty pleasures might someone find?

AGD: Hahahaha! Tons of surprises but nothing to be embarrassed about! You wont never find any Spice Girls or Eminem (although Stich has a copy!!!).



Thanks once again for all of your time and participation in helping put this together.  Any final thoughts?

AGD: Thanks so much for your time and thanks for taking an interest in us. We think Cathedral 13 and sites like yours are helping bands like us and helping to re-build the scene. Thanks to the fans, this would have been impossible without your help and support. There's a witch in that tree! WATCH OUT!!!



Darlin’ Grave- (Bass, Backing Vocals & Graphic Design), Stich- (Vocals, Programming & Artwork) & MikeMihai-(Guitar & Programming)

Unofficial Discography:

D   i   s   c   o   g   r   a   p   h   y

Conceiving The Subversion (Demo 2005)

Fallen & Forgotten (Debut album due out soon!)


official site:

Listen at myspace:

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