First off, thank you for taking time out of what I’m sure is a very busy schedule.  I’ve introduced your music to quite a few different people and each one always gives me a crazy look when I tell them the name of the band.  I know that Dr. Arthur Krause has existed longer than the band and that you have been in other projects such as Brain Damage.  Is there a story behind the name Dr. Arthur Krause?

There is a story behind the name but it's naturally a dark secret I won't reveal.


What is a brief history of Dr. Arthur Krause up to this point?

We have done some livegigs, our latest performance was actually yesterday at the 99festival, it was recorded and perhaps it will be possible to download it from our website in a near future.  We are also in a process of writing and recording some demo songs for a new album.  Peter and I are building up a new recording studio where we will do the final recordings for the new album later on.


Who else is currently in the Dr. Arthur Krause line-up at this point and what other bands have they been involved in?

On live guitar and in the studio Peter Hageus has been an improvement for the band with his rawness style of playing and is now a stable member of the band. He has been playing with Amour, Sister Ray, Nocturnal Sea and Rally Holger. He has also started a new electropunk band called Kontraband.

On second live guitar we have a new member called Fredrik "Hell" Thell.  I've known him for years and I don't see why I haven't asked him to join the band earlier, because he is a guitar hero with a great feeling for this kind of music. Unfortunately I don't know the names of his old projects.


Recently you’ve moved back to Gothenburg after living on the east coast of Sweden for about a year and with the help of Peter you’ve begun to build a new recording studio to record your next CD.  How is the progress of the new studio and how are any of the new tracks coming along?

The idea with the new studio is to have a live room which we never have had before.  We can now record our instruments on high volume through our amplifiers at the same time to make a more live feeling. The new tracks usually grows from fragments from me or Peter in our home studios. I collect the pieces and program the drums and record the bass guitars to the drums.  Then we record the guitars and at the same time I begin to think of how the vocals should be.  Sometimes I improvise to the music to find the right words to it, sometimes I already have lyrics
which fits the music.


If you had to describe the music Dr. Arthur Krause to someone who has never heard of you, how would you describe it to them?

I would say goth rock music inspired of the glory days of the 80´s.



Musically or non-musically, what influences the band?

The source to the music and lyrics are reflections of what's going down in my life and in the world. I also listen a lot to the classic gothic rock band of the 80´s since there haven't been that much interesting music done lately.



Over the past year what would you consider your greatest accomplishment? 

The debut album Before And After.



Are there any future plans for Dr. Arthur Krause to tour the US?

At this point we have no booking agency in the US, but we probably wouldn´t say no if anyone offered us a great deal for a tour over there.



Outside of music, what other things are members of the band interested or involved in?

Activities better of not mentioned here.



Are there any plans to re-release or re-record any of the now out-of-print Dr. Arthur Krause demos?




What is the strangest experience the band has encountered on tour?

Once on a gig in Denmark a drug dealer was the first person in place, we thought he was the arranger as he said to us he could manage everything, and by that we assumed he meant handling the PA-system so we asked him to help us out with the soundcheck.  Naturally as it turned out this was not his specialty...



Are there any artists that you grew up listening to or that you currently listen to that you would like to collaborate with if given the opportunity?

David Bowie is an old house god of mine.  It would be nice to sing with him sometime.



Any final thoughts?

Keep up the good work with Cathedral13. Thanks to people like yourself, the gothic rock music will never die.



Unofficial Discography:

d     e     m     o     s

Maladjusted Abortion EP

Release date: 2001-05-05
CD-nr: JMOCD005
5 track CDr-EP (demo)
Label: JMO MUSIC (My own)
Recorded and mixed at JMO STUDIO
by Dr. Krause spring 2001

After Countless Troubles And Tribulations

Release date: 2001-09-29
CD-nr: JMOCD006
8 track CDr-Album(demo)
Label: JMO MUSIC (My own)
Recorded and mixed at JMO STUDIO
by Dr. Krause spring 2001

Rare Flowers

Release date: 2002-10-22
CD-nr: JMOCD007
8 track CDr (demo)
Recorded and mixed at JMO STUDIO
by Dr. Krause summer 2002

a     l     b     u     m     s

Before and After

Release date: 2004-02-23
CD-nr: MACDL967
10 track CD-Album
Label: M&A Music Art

Order: M&A Music Art

c     o     m     p     i     l     a     t     i     o     n     s

New Dark Age Vol. 2

Release date: 2004-05-17
34 track Double-CD-Album
Label: Strobelight Records

Order: Strobelight Records


Release date: 2001-10-19
CD-nr: SPOT 8
18 track CD-Album
Label: Powerspot/Memento Materia


s     o     u     n     d     t     r     a     c     k     s

April 03

Release date: 2004-01-30
60 minutes DVD
A Roadmovie across Europe
by Marcus Walkin and Petter Peterson at
including 2 tracks by Dr. Krause:

Inhuman Liberty
Not the Work of Some God

Dr. Arthur Krause Webpage


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