First off,thank you for taking the time out to do this. Your participation is greatly appreciated.  Earlier in the month (9/05) you had an ad looking for a bass player.  Are you still looking and who does The Daughters of Bristol currently consist of?

Edward – Yes, we are currently looking for a bass player. Ryan Mahoney, our previous bass player of over 2 years wasn’t able to relocate with us, due to finishing up at the university. In addition, Jeff Steffens whom played guitar with us for over a year, decided to stay in St. Louis to continue his work with his on-going band. It will be very hard filling both of their shoes. We wish they could have made the trip with us. As of now we are back to our original form, which is Joseph and I.


The Daughters of Bristol have been around since the summer of 2002.  Can you give us a brief history of the band from then up until now?

Edward – Joseph and I had been friends since late childhood. While we both were attending the university in 2000, we started discovering a whole new world of music, which lead to us hanging out and working on music together on the front steps of the auditorium. During 2002 we both decided we both wanted to take it a step further and start recording our ideas and then in spring of 2003 we started playing shows.



Who came up with the band's name and where does it come from?

Edward – The name has a few different meanings. One of which I will discuss with you in brief clarity. Bristol represents England. The Daughters represents generations. Many of the bands that have influenced us were from the past. And here we are today in 2005, a new generation, influenced by these many amazing British bands from the late 70's & early 80's.



The Image of Rasputin appears on your Myspace page as well as on the T-shirts that you sell at your live shows.  Can you explain the band's apparent fascination with this interesting historical figure?

Edward – Grigory Rasputin is a very simplistic, yet complex person in Russian history, much like many of us. Rasputin healed the sick, but destroyed a Russian dynasty. In that we find him very interesting and someone that is worth researching and understanding. I would suggest anyone reading this take some time and read up on Rasputin. Even if you agree with him or not, his life, his work, and even more his death is astonishing.



Recently the band relocated from Columbia, Mo. to Seattle, Wa.  How Has Seattle received you and what are the differences (if any) in the scene in Washington to Missouri? 

Edward – Yes, we just recently moved to Seattle, WA. We’re currently in the process of getting this machine up and running in the near future. Seattle is quite what you would expect for a band like ours, cold, rainy, and a lot of people in black.



Your EP 'Voyage' is set to be released very soon.  What challenges have you encountered with it's creation and upcoming release?

Edward – Yes, very soon our EP ‘Voyage’ will be released. The biggest challenge is figuring out all the business aspects for a release to be some what successful. I will say having an outlet like myspace has really helped get the word out. The second biggest challenge so far was the lack of communication we had received from the studio. Deadlines weren’t being met nor did they ever have any good reasons. There is also a possibility of releasing our earlier material that Joseph and I recorded together over two years ago. The recordings have a very low-fi feel and sound to them. Maybe vinyl?


The band has been around for around three years now and has performed countless shows.  Are there plans for a tour to support the new recording and what's the most unusual experience that the band has encountered while playing live?

Edward – Yes, we greatly have a desire to play a lot more shows in the future and hopefully are able to tour a bit in the next year or so. After things get situated in Seattle and we find some kindred musicians, hopefully we can focus on an full-length album and a tour. The most unusual experience thus far, was when we played our first ever live show at the Central Tap in Columbia, MO. During one of the songs, Joseph decided to spit out on the audience. Well, one girl in particular took a liking to the incident and took hold of his water bottle and started drinking it and rubbing it all over her body, while she danced franticly. Needless to say I think it was less about The Daughters that nite and more about the drugs she had taken prior our show.


The song 'four walls' is to be included in the movie 'The Haunt'.  Is there anything you can tell us about the movie and where can people find out more information about it?

Edward – Yes, supposedly that will be the case. A year ago this production company form Jersey came to us and requested to use the song in their movie. I believe things are currently winding down and hopefully we will have more information very soon.



Outside of being at one of your live shows, where can people interested in The Daughters of Bristol track down your merchandise?

Edward – Soon, very soon you will be able to purchase merchandise on-line. When the EP ‘Voyage’ is release you will be able to download the songs on-line and we are currently in the process of getting some new items printed and processed. For now, we like being hard to acquire.



What other projects have the members of The Daughters of Bristol been in or may currently still be involved with?

Edward – At this time this is the main focus for Joseph and I and has been for the past three years. I played in a few punk bands previous to this and our previous guitarist Jeff Steffens continues to play in his band Model Citizen. From what I have gathered they are very raw, very punk, very St. Louis.



If you had to list the single biggest influence on the band (musically or not), who or what would it be and why?

Edward – That’s a very tough question to answer. There has been so many influences for us, I am sure those listening can gather a few right off the bat. But honestly the biggest influence would have to be David Bowie. He is not only influenced us, but many of the other bands we find intriguing. He is voice, his music; his evolution has been an amazing process.



The song 'Velvet Curtains' always does very well when I dj live and I recently ran across some more of your early work which had an interesting raw edge to it that I wasn't expecting, but ended up liking quite a bit.  'VC1' is a great example which immediately comes to mind.  Are there plans for some of the tracks that don't end up on the Voyager EP find the light of day at some point in time? 

Edward – Thanks. I know a lot of the new stuff we are currently working on is more in line with ‘Velvet Curtains.’ Some of the older songs may see light very soon. Like I said previously, maybe vinyl?


Thanks once again for all of your time and participation in helping put this together.  Any final thoughts?

Edward – Thanks for your support. Our EP ‘Voyage’ will be out soon!






Unofficial Discography:

D   i   s   c   o   g   r   a   p   h   y

Crankspiv Records / Volume V Compilation

 Featured Track "Sweet Lies" -

Winter 2002



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