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CutePDF Tutorial
Welcome To The "Printing A PDF" Tutorial For CutePDF.

This tutorial applies only to computers running Windows operating systems.  CutePDF currently Supports Windows 98/Me/2000/XP.

First, some facts:
  • PDF stands for “Portable Document Format.  It’s a proprietary Adobe Format very similar to a picture file, (ie., .tif, .jpg, .bmp)
  • PDF’s work very well across different Operating System Platforms such as Windows95, WindowsXP, Apple/Macintosh and Linux. (This is why we like them here at Tuck Press, Most people have PC’s were as we use Mac’s)
  • PDF’s can be easily viewed by having Adobe’s FREE PDF reader.
This Tutorial will help you install the CutePDF printer, Save the file, and Email the PDF.  This tutorial was created on a PC with WindowsME, and may look slightly different from your computer.  Any Dialog boxes should be the same or very similar.

If you are using a company owned computer, please contact the Network Administrator, or appropriate person to obtain permission to install this program.

If you know some of the process of downloading, installing, printing, saving, feel free to use the menu below to jump ahead.