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From Crafters of Tennessee ....

Crafters of Tennessee

The Tut Taylor
50th Anniversary Resophonic Guitar
Limited Edition

Founded in 1970 by master luthier Mark Taylor, Crafters Of Tennessee is no new kid on the block. To know the history of Crafters Of Tennessee is to know the history of american music in the 20th century and the instruments that brought this music to life.

The original "Tennessee" banjo was introduced in 1971 by Mark Taylor. These extraordinary banjos provide the ultimate in design, along with the strong, rich bass tones and the power up the neck which bluegrass pickers desire, as well as an upper register clarity that pleases even the most critical chromatic players

Tut Taylor comments, "The Tut Taylor Signature Model Resonator Guitars contain all of the original tone due to our old-style sound-well with parallelogram openings. They have the punch and clarity that today's players demand."

Crafters of Tennessee
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Crafters of Tennessee
Makers of Tennessee Banjos,
Rich and Taylor Banjos, and Tut Taylor Resophonics


Tut Taylor model resophonic guitar by Crafters of Tennessee




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