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From Rounder Records:

A long awaited reissue
of a classic recording ...


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John Hartford, Tut Taylor, Norman Blake
and Vassar Clements

Produced by
David Bromberg

What's in store!
This is another classic recording. Possibly
the very first recording of what has become
known as "newgrass".

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Back Cover of CD - Aereo-Plain

Song List

  • 1. Turn Your Radio On

  • 2. Steamboat Whistle Blues

  • 3. Back in the Goodle Days

  • 4. Up on the Hill Where They Do the Boogie

  • 5. Boogie

  • 6. First Girl I loved

  • 7. Presbyterian Guitar

  • 8. With a Vamp in the Middle

  • 9. Symphony Hall Rag

  • 10. Because of You

  • 11. Steam Powered Aereo Plane

  • 12. Holding

  • 13. Tear Down the Grand Ole Opry

  • 14. Leather Britches

  • 15. Station Break

  • 16. Turn Your Radio On

Liner Notes

I first heard the Aereo-Plain Band at Bill Monroe's Beanblossom Festival in 1971. Their leader - long haired, bushy bearded, banjo playing John Hartford - had recently scored notoriety, having written "Gentle On My Mind," the most recorded song in years. On guitar was Norman Blake, legendary Dobro and mandolin master who had recently been a regular back-up musician on the Johnny Cash TV show. On Dobro was Tut Taylor, the leading single exponent of the flat picked Dobro and founder of the Dobrolic Plectral Society. Playing fiddle was the renowned Vassar Clements whom all us young bluegrassers had followed since his days as a young member of Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Boys and Jim and Jesse and the Virginia Boys. The music I heard that weekend was innovative and original, with obvious bluegrass influences - some may call it newgrass. I call it a mind blowing musical experience that left me wondering what could possibly top this show. Well, the release of Aereo-Plain was the capper for me. Producer David Bromberg basically just turned on the recording machines and the band proceeded to play, without even listening to play-backs. All of us acoustic music freaks found an undeniable joyful noise. This recording has it all - commanding musicianship, creative songs and just a great feel! Songs such as "Steam Powered Aereo Plane," "Vamp in the Middle," and "Symphony Hall Rag," feature the band doing what it did best - jamming. "Up on the Hill Where They Do the Boogie" and "First Girl I Loved" treat us to Norman's tasteful mandolin and John's underrated guitar playing. There is even an unexpected gospel quartet. Not to be overlooked is the surprise of Randy Scruggs on electric bass. Best known as a lead guitarist, Randy understands the roll of the bass, making the perfect addition to the quartet for this recording. Aereo-Plain was first released over 25 years ago and without a doubt truly stands the test of time. I keep rediscovering this record and it just keeps getting better. John, Norman, Vassar and Tut carry us back to a time when there were no music videos, only two bluegrass magazines, and musicians were breaking boundaries. Aereo-Plain was just for the love of the music - Back in the Goodle Days.

Sam Bush

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