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Rounder Records Presents:

an unexpected treasure
"Steam Powered Aereo-Takes"
John Hartford, Tut Taylor, Norman Blake
Vassar Clements, and Randy Scruggs
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Featuring John Hartford (Vocals, banjo, guitar), Tut (Dobro, mandolin), Norman Blake (guitar,
mandolin), Vassar Clements (fiddle), and Randy Scruggs (bass)

Produced by Bob Carlin

ROUN0480 (2002)
What's Steamin'!

"After a long wait I have received some "Steam Powered Aero-Takes" from Rounder. This is one fine CD. It has more bluegrass and everyone plays their tail off. David Bromberg was the producer on "Aero-Plain" and John gave him full control and trusted his judgement. He kinda leaned towards what you hear. The out-takes are some of the other stuff he didn't use. I'm glad, cause now we get to hear the real roots background of this " before it's time band ". If you liked the other one, you'll love this one." - Tut Taylor, March 2002

This brand new companion CD to the acclaimed early 70's recording "Aereo-Plain" featuring John Hartford, Tut Taylor, Norman Blake, Vassar Clements, and Randy Scruggs is now onTut's website! The new CD, "Steam Powered Aereo-Takes" is taken from 80 reels of tape recently found during a "garage cleaning" that were recorded at the same time that "Aereo-Plain" was recorded and features more of the same groundbreaking music that made "Aereo-Plain" so popular. "Steam Powered Aereo-Takes" has the same feel as the former recording, which John Hartford described as "one long jam", and highlights John's offbeat humour with never issued originals, alternate takes of other recorded versions, and several traditional tunes. Tut, Norman, Vassar, John and Randy were at the peak of their game in this recording and it is a wonderful thing to hear them loosen up and cut loose while the tape rolled. This should be in your CD player right now!

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Song List

1. Where the Old Red River Flows
2. Ruff and Ready
3. Blame It On Joann
4. The Vamp from Back in the Goodle Days
5. Emanuel Cant
6. Bad Music (Is Better Than No Music At All)
7. Dig A Hole
8. Presbyterian Guitar
9. Strange Old Man
10. Lady Jane
11. Oasis
12. Because of You
13. Morning Bugle
14. John Henry
15. Doin' My Time
16. Keep On Truckin'
17. Don't Ever Take Your Eyes Off the Game, Babe
18. Howard Hughes Blues

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