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David Taylor Presents:

a kid's favorite...
"The Ants Went Marching"
David Taylor
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Who is on it!
Featuring Tut's son David Taylor with Jens Kruger of the Kruger Brothers
on banjo, guitar, mandolin and dobro. Bass by Joel Landsberg of the
Kruger Brothers.

Produced by Jens Kruger at Doubletime Studios, Inc in Switzerland

What's on it!
David Taylor and Linda Bloedau have recorded fresh new versions of children's
classic songs with completely new and original lyrics! Kids and adults alike
will love the sometimes energetic, sometimes tender selection of recordings
that capture the essence of a childs imagination. From the toe-tapping silliness
of "The Donut Song" to the beautiful and reflective "Glad for the Time" based on
melody of the Irish classic "Loch Lomond" you'll be treated to a buffet of musical
styles, all rendered in top notch form by David, Jens, and Joel.

Check out David's website StorySingers

Also: www.krugerbrothers.com

and www.doubletimemusic.com

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Song List

  • 1. The Ant's Went Marching
  • 2. The Donut Song
  • 3. Mama Loves Lots of Picking 'Round Here
  • 4. Old Joe Clarke
  • 5. The Ant Hill
  • 6. Glad for the Time
  • 7. Froggy Went Travelling
  • 8. Hokey Pokey
  • 9. Sing and Play
  • 10. The More We Get Together
  • 11. Over in the Zoo
  • 12. Go Tell Your Family
  • 13. They All Left the Farm
  • 14. Hole in the Bottom of the Sea
  • 15. Doodle Dee Doo
  • 16. The Weather Song
  • 17. Twinkle, Blinkle, Winkle
  • 18. Two Little Boys

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