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Tutlee Records Presents:
Volume 2 in a series from the Tut Taylor Archives

"Tut and Clarence Flatpicking"
Tut Taylor and Clarence White

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Who is on it!
These recordings are from Tut's personal archives
featuring Tut Taylor and Clarence White.
What's in store!
Tut Taylor announces the long awaited release of Archival Recordings Volume 2.
Tut and Clarence FLATPICKING. While Tut was in LA recording the album
Dobro Country with Roland and Clarence. Tut gave Clarence $20 to play with
him on his Dobro tunes. Clarence accepted. Thus this CD.
One of the clearest examples of Clarence playing rhythm. 24 songs!

Like Tut's aclaimed earlier archive release with Norman
"Flatpickin' in the Kitchen", this is sure to be a favorite
of your music collection.

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