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Tutlee Records Presents:
The latest release from Tut Taylor

"Flash Flood"
Featuring Tut and
a number of great pickers!
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Who is on it!
Featuring Tut, Hughie Wylie, Mac Puckett, Brooks Pearson, and Roger Robinson.
Special guests include Beppe Gambetta and Curtis Burch. Also featured with Tut on
six cuts are the Dixie Gentlemen: Jake Landers, Rual Yarbrough, Hershel Sizemore,
Vassar Clements, and Jesse Handley
What's Goin' On!
The first twelve cuts on the album are from a session recorded in the summer of 1997.
Here Tut is pickin' with some of his favorite pickers with Mac and Hughie also featured
on vocals. The last six cuts are re-released from an album Tut recorded with the Dixie
Gentlemen in the early 60's and feature Tut and the fluid sound of Vassar Clements on fiddle.

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Song List
  • 1. Flash Flood
  • 2. Hello There Reso Man
  • 3. Do'in My Time
  • 4. Reso Fandango
  • 5. Lonesome Dobro Waltz
  • 6. Long Way to Trnava
  • 7. The Last Picking
  • 8. Deep Elm Blues
  • 9. That Train
  • 10. The Ring Song
  • 11. Abe Brown's Tune
  • 12. Freeborn Man
  • 13. Riding to Rimrock
  • 14. Pine Lake Picking
  • 15. Picking Peanuts
  • 16. Flint River Ramble
  • 17. Running Wild
  • 18. Orange Blossom Special

"Flash Flood" Sound Clips

These sound clips are in non-streaming RealAudio 5.0. The RealAudio medley files contain about 20 to 30 seconds from several songs on the album with a total length of about 2 minutes. You will need a RealAudio 5.0 or later player to listen to the high resolution files. If you don't have the latest RealAudio player you can get one FREE by clicking here.

High Resolution "Flash Flood" sound clips in
RealAudio 5.0 format:

"Flash Flood" (1:56, 454 KB)
Medley: "Do'in My Time, Reso Fandango, Long Way to Trnava"  (1:52, 440 KB)

Tut's Liner Notes

"Just a year ago we released the first recording of Tut Taylor's Archival Release Vol. 1. It is being met with good response and was a joy to put together. However, this project is not one of the Archival releases, but we did go back in time to pick up part of an album by Tut and the Dixie Gentelmen. This album never gained any wide distribution so I decided to use part of it on this one. I think you will enjoy the results.

"I decided to call it "Flash Flood." The first session came up last summer, 1997, during a rainy, flooding period. That night in the studio the weather became so bad with lightening and wind that we decided to turn off the equipment and wait it out. This session consisted of Beppe, Curtis, Mac and myself. We thank Beppe, Steph and Linnet Records for the joy of having him pick with us and pick he did. Sounds like the flood is coming right at you. Curtis Burch, my most favorite dobro player, as always contributed his fantastic style.

"Mac Puckett, my guitar hero, came up from a busy schedule down in Georgia. Mac is full of surprises, both vocally and musical. I take credit for discovering Mac last spring. He also plays banjo and bass. Hughie Wylie, my mandolin picking buddy of 30 plus years has been performing around Atlanta with several local bands. He is one the original members of the Bluegrass Five and is presently picking with Broad River. Hughie was recently inducted into the Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame - Bluegrass Division, for his contributions to the furtherance of Bluegrass music. He is a prolific songwriter and penned songs for this album." - Tut

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