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Tut Taylor's Guestbook Archive #1

. pickline

Tut, You rascal, I havn't seen you in so long that I was pleased to hear from you via your message concerning Pearl Harbor. Tell me about yourself and your world today. I still have that marvelous Mandolin by Loar. Herschel Sizemore is always talking about it. Darian Aldridge, mandolin player for Charley Waller, loves to play it. We live about an hour apart. He will be at my home tomorrow for a few hours. I am so loaded with arthritis that I don't do to well with it , so I work with the guitar. I'm thinking that one day the Dobro might be the final instrument in my lifetime since my knuckles are so bad. Mayo Clinic has thoughts about fixing my thumb. Anyway, for a guy going on 79 I'm happy as a bed bug With kindest regards to you and your family and may our God bless you greatly. Merry Christmas, Louis
Louis G Good <
Charlotte, NC USA - Thursday, December 07, 2000 at 10:37:35 (CST)

Dear Tut, I'm a big fan of you're music, but I'm disappointed at the amount of out of print albums that are so hard to find. The Dobrolic Plectral Society album is one of my favorites, but all I have is a bad sounding recording on a cheap blank tape. Can you tell me where I might be able to get a copy of it? Thanks, Gray
Gray Caudill <
ashevile, nc USA - Tuesday, December 05, 2000 at 15:15:39 (CST)

Hello Tut! I was just wondering how you and Lee are doing. I truely do miss you two to death! I hope to see you again in the long run. Have a wonderful Holiday Season! Your friend, Jennifer
Jennifer <
KY USA - Sunday, December 03, 2000 at 21:30:26 (CST)

I thought I'd pass along something I've been trying: grab that thang lap style, and put yourself on several finger slides, pick up a steel with your remaining thumb, first and middle finger and work up a whole lotta sound. Try barring using your ring finger slide, then add sharps using the steel in front, and then, add flats below your ring finger with your pinkie slide. Slide the whole mess (sharps, flats too)up and down and ALL over the place. Lot's o' fun. Also you can slide a string up WHILE sliding another one or two down at the SAME time. So, you see I'm currently stuck on 12 bar blues making 'em moan. I think those with talent could easily fall right into violin bluegrass runs on a resophonic! Gotta go get my slides on, on - see ya around town! Krazy Karl
Karl Schaefer <
Monterey, CA USA - Thursday, November 30, 2000 at 22:33:05 (CST)

Hi Tut, I've been playing reso for about six months now on an old acoustic guitar of mine set up with an extension nut and a leather strap (I read somewhere that the strap had to be leather...) Loving every minute. Thinking of making my first real 'reso from a kit - should be fun. Thanks for a great site and a whole new world of music. Fursey
Fursey McCormack <
Brooklyn, NY USA - Saturday, November 25, 2000 at 17:11:00 (CST)

Hi Tut and to all of you that read this. I just bought A Tenn Brand guitar built by Tut in the 70's serial #9. I love this guitar! great bass reponse,loud and Blows away any Dobros built in the 70's (except for maybe those Jones guitars) Anyway just wanted to say that I am happy to own a little part of history that pushed the Resonator Guitar forward to such wide spread fame Thanks TUT
Peter Mosco <
Patchogue, NY USA - Thursday, November 23, 2000 at 07:32:38 (CST)

Hi@all! Nice design! >I look for new ideas for my webpage, maybe I found it. Dont give up just hold on!!! CU@all
ROBERT Raile. <Robert@raile.de>
Stuttgart, BW Germany - Sunday, November 12, 2000 at 14:08:47 (CST)

Hey there, Tutter! Happy to hear you'll be back up here in upstate NY for the re-union on the 18th. Can't imagine why I'm only seein one date listed but that just makes it beyond special for me. How's ol Bobby Wolfe doin? See ya soon Bro
Bill Stempek <
USA - Friday, November 10, 2000 at 15:50:46 (CST)

Hi Tut, Just found your page and wondered if you have ever come across a 1932-34 Regal Chicago. I found one in a local music store near to where I live a couple of years ago. I paid about £220 for it. It a bit tatty but has a tone like a bell. I also play a 1971 D28 martin custom, Regards Keith Chilvers
Keith Chilvers <
England - Sunday, October 29, 2000 at 14:18:17 (CST)

Just stopped by your site to learn more about my new Tut Taylor guitar that I recently purchased. I sent you a email earlier in this session about my trip to Green Bay, WI, etc ... Thanks for being there ... Brian
Brian Hunsaker <brian@brianh.net>
San Benito, TX USA - Monday, October 09, 2000 at 17:34:20 (CDT)

I'm glad to see your web site, Tut, because I have some of your albums, and I enjoy resonator guitar music and bluegrass music as the best. I think a flat picker on a dobro is busy, and more so on a 12 string. Best wishes with a fine site.
Dick Cooke <
Champlain, NY USA - Tuesday, October 03, 2000 at 22:17:44 (CDT)

Tut I just wanted to say thanks for all the fun that I had playing with you at the National Slide Guitar Fest in Gray, TN. I also want to say thanks for the T-shirt that you gave me. I love it. Jennifer
Jennifer <
USA - Sunday, October 01, 2000 at 09:59:03 (CDT)

noah aljanabi <
saihat, xxxxx SAUDI ARABIA - Sunday, October 01, 2000 at 03:46:25 (CDT)

nice website and the best to tut
mike walkowicz <r.walkowicz@sympatico.ca>
toronto, on canada - Sunday, September 10, 2000 at 19:17:54 (CDT)

Tried to email you but could not get through, so posted it here. Tut, haven't written in a while hope all is well with you and you are still pickin' with all that come to see you. You were my inspirition and I am still going. In fact I am thinking very strongly about converting my Drobro into a square neck and starting to flat pick a little. Seems like the best thing to do and I like the sound it puts out. The lady in McCamey at McCamey Music, Joanne Darby, used to teach steel and I think I can get some pointers from her. Wish I was closer to you and could set in with you some time, but southwest Texas and Tenn are far apart. So, just checking in and keeping in touch. Stay well and safe. I went to California in July and did a little show for a Cowboy Action Shooting Club while out there, they hadn;t heard of some of the spots in Texas I talked about. Or, maybe they just hadn't heard talked abut in the way I talked about them. Anyway, until later.... Your Friend in the Alps ot Texas; Jim Kitchens Check out my page: http://homes.sulross.edu/~jkit931
Jim Kitchens <kitchens@iglobal.net>
Marfa, TX USA - Saturday, September 09, 2000 at 11:05:10 (CDT)

Hello Mr. Taylor:\ Just happened to be in the neighbourhood. I like your music. BB
Bradley Bischoff <
Canmore, AB Canada - Monday, September 04, 2000 at 20:53:36 (CDT)

Great web site. There is so much information there, that i've been there several times just to read everything. your old friend, Okie Adams
Okie Adams <OKIEadamsbanjos@webtv.net>
Eagle Rock, CA USA - Thursday, August 24, 2000 at 17:23:35 (CDT)

Hi tut I ran across this site by accident while looking for fistival events.I really injoyed it.I play dobro also. i've got a 60s and a regal the regal has the best sound . I have tryed to get them to sound like yours are mike's maybe it's me but dobro is the love of my life.at 62 years old music and this dang computer are my big downfalls see u in gray tenn be prepaired to be ask alot of ?'s
Bill Beckom <
Cisco, tx USA - Sunday, August 20, 2000 at 15:02:33 (CDT)

Hey Tut! I will see you at the Appalachian Fairgrounds in Gray, TN on Sept 23 and 24th at the Slide Guitar Festival! I hope to meet you! I am one of Curtis Burch's pals. Jennifer
Jennifer Kennedy <
Bowling Green, KY USA - Tuesday, August 15, 2000 at 21:31:33 (CDT)

Nice informative website. I know that it has taken quite a bit of work. My first Hawaiian guitar was a Dobro that I got from a neighbor in 1945. It had a standard neck, a raised Hawaiian nut, and so I learned to play recognizable tunes after about 6 months. My mother almost threw the guitar in the trash but she loved me and tolerated the noise. That guitar was stolen many years ago. At the moment, I have a tolerable instrument, a Model 34 engraved Dobro. This is nickle plated bell brass and is a nice guitar. I have looked for a group to pick with but not found anything within driving distance. Maybe someone may see this and contact me. Keep up the good work and promote more good music. All the best regards.
Bob Leaman <
Murphy, NC USA - Tuesday, August 15, 2000 at 12:12:27 (CDT)

Just found this site Tut-looks great Ihave that incureable Dobro fever.Ithink I have completely worn the grooves out on the World Pacific album.My living room wall is completelt cluttered with Nationals,Dobros,even an Old Kraftsman that appears to be some sort of a proto type that you me know something about.Keep up the fine work!
TOIVOLA , MI USA - Monday, August 14, 2000 at 22:55:35 (CDT)

What a great site to stumble upon in the middle of the night, listening to the Great Dobro Sessions! Just started playing a Fender FR-50 resonator set up for lapstyle. Listening to Tut just makes me want to play more. Thankya, sir. -Trey
Trey Andrews <trey@porch.org>
Mobile, AL USA - Saturday, August 05, 2000 at 00:40:58 (CDT)

Thanks Tut for your contribution to the world of reso guitar and your refreshing music. Sometimes I like the traditional styles better than what the new players are doing. My reso is a Mahogany Bob Reed. I've been a resohead since hearing OZ on the Opry with Acuff in 1968.
Ray Addis <
DeSoto, Mo USA - Sunday, July 16, 2000 at 12:44:43 (CDT)

Enjoyed your web site very much.I own a Dobro but have not learned to pick it yet.I am a guitar man and play a Martin D60.I hope to meet you someday at a festival or pay you a visit.
Heflin Carden <
Roanoke, Al USA - Thursday, July 06, 2000 at 13:02:39 (CDT)

Tut, Enjoyed browsing your website... All of us reso pickers appreciate your innovative approach to the instrument. In a world of unabashed copy cats, you're a genuine original. God bless, Bob Gallagher
Bob Gallagher <
Midlothian,, VA USA - Monday, July 03, 2000 at 14:51:14 (CDT)

Dear sir I thank you for doing what you are doing it is the up and commer's like me that love to see and Hear inspiring work.I have alway's been a fan of dobro although I have been a flatpicker in a eclectic jazz/bluegrass style for about six year's now and I have decided that I want to master fingerstyle as well as alternate and open tuned guitar since there are open tuned dobro's in grass but not normal guitar or slide usually and I have been influenced by Bela fleck and Jerry douglas as well and I haven't heard you although I would sure love to .
Ty Rice <jazztyler@yahoo.com>
Decatur, Ill USA - Monday, June 19, 2000 at 15:47:55 (CDT)

Hello from Upstate NY! Your site is great!!
Heather Richards
Hartford, ny USA - Saturday, June 10, 2000 at 14:38:40 (CDT)

"Friar Tut" and "Back Home in Sulpher Springs" are the two best flatpicking CDs ever made. Thanks Tut.
John <
Naperville, IL USA - Sunday, May 28, 2000 at 23:55:41 (CDT)

Hello, This is a great site. I am a bluegrass fiddler about to embark in the world of the resophonic guitar. Wish me luck! More later. Tony
Tony Adams <
Wanette, Ok USA - Friday, May 26, 2000 at 18:38:49 (CDT)

Enjoyed your site. It has been 25 years since I built an instrument. Building one from pattern you sent (tracing) about 30 years ago. I use to connect you to pawshops via telephone. Remember that far back? cul, Bill
William McKnight Porter <gunman@peedeeworld.net>
Wadesboro, NC USA - Saturday, May 13, 2000 at 18:12:46 (CDT)

Hey Tut, Armuchee is coming up pretty soon. I am already looking forward to the visit. A friend of mine is coming along and we are scheduled to do a short stage show. Old time music - Shady Grove, etc. I look forward to getting together again at Armuchee. As always, your site is a pleasure to visit - 'net and otherwise. Bill Brown
Bill Brown <bcbrown@earthlink.net>
Columbia, KY USA - Tuesday, May 09, 2000 at 15:13:03 (CDT)

Hi there Mr Taylor,hope you and your better half are doing well.Hope to see you both real soon.
Ron Norman <
austell, ga USA - Tuesday, May 02, 2000 at 10:28:59 (CDT)

I have a Harmony , sovereign, Dobro Guitar. Inside it has a blue & white sticker. It states Harmony Musical Istruments Serial No. 2035.On the Resonator it state. Licensed by National Dobro Corp. I haave been trying to find information about it. I bought it in South Chicago in 1947 in a Hawk Shop.Can you tel me where I can get info on it. It is in fair condition and used to be played alot.
David Martin <
Marysville, Ca USA - Saturday, April 22, 2000 at 00:00:51 (CDT)

I would like to learn to play with your flat pick method. How can this be done? Do you have videos or clinics or books? please advise! Thanks Don Tompkins
Don Tompkins <
Jefferson, Ga. USA - Tuesday, April 11, 2000 at 20:56:29 (CDT)

Hi Tut and Lee,hope you guys are doing good.What a great site you've got here Tut i just stumbled upon it.I've really enjoyed picking with you at Merle Fest Tut,i sure hope to do it again pretty soon.Ohh and tell John Hartford i said howdy i played with him there in 98.Well take care now.My best to you and yor family.
Kyle Smith <
Galax, Va USA - Wednesday, April 05, 2000 at 02:31:58 (CDT)

Just discovered your Website and picked up "Friar Tut" on CD. I'm not a musician but appreciate good music. Yours was delightful. Your Website photos of your artistry are great.
Ken Wheeler <
North Stonington, CT USA - Saturday, March 11, 2000 at 11:41:40 (CST)

Greetings from Holland. Great site!
batr ebisch <bebisch@xs4all.nl>
helden, l The Netherlands - Tuesday, March 07, 2000 at 13:56:04 (CST)

Greetings from the "Rocky Mountains" where bluegrass is alive and well. The reason we love it is because of having listened to Tut play since I was knee high to a dulcimer. You're still the greatest! "Toombs" See you in Warrenton.
Richard Toombs <
Salt Lake City, ut USA - Monday, March 06, 2000 at 18:05:22 (CST)

Hey Tut and Lee, Hope you two are doing great. You'll be getting a wedding invitation from us real soon. Sure hope ya'll can make it. It will be in Helen, GA and we're going to have a pig roast and a lot of pickin and great fellowship. We will be honored if ya'll can be there. Feel free to bring any more pickers that want to have a good time too. Love, Bonnie & Eddie
Bonnie & Eddie <
Duluth, GA USA - Saturday, March 04, 2000 at 20:56:00 (CST)

Tut, Ireally want to join the dobrolic plectoal soc. please tell me how and what i can do to help. sincerly christopher scott pittsfield ma.
christopher scott <chuck@berkshireweb.com >
pittsfield, ma. USA - Friday, February 18, 2000 at 21:43:24 (CST)

Tut, Ireally want to join the dobrolic plectoal soc. please tell me how and what i can do to help. sincerly christopher scott pittsfield ma.
christopher scott <chuck@berkshireweb.com >
pittsfield, ma. USA - Friday, February 18, 2000 at 21:42:34 (CST)

papa, trying to get a hold of david-urgent, can you get him message-still new at this not navigating well
melissa <
USA - Thursday, February 17, 2000 at 17:42:56 (CST)

loved your site papa!! sent email, let me know if you get it!! we love you!! melissa & keith
melissa <
USA - Thursday, February 17, 2000 at 13:56:36 (CST)

Hi PawPaw, We're very proud of you! This webpage is great. We Love and miss you!! Hope to see you soon.
Melissa and Doug <
Toomsboro, Ga. USA - Monday, February 14, 2000 at 20:57:00 (CST)

Hi Poppy!!Your site is unbelievable! This was the first time I've seen it. Great Job!! Love you and miss you bunches
Tanya <
Toomsboro, Ga USA - Monday, February 14, 2000 at 20:51:30 (CST)

Tut, this is a really nice site with lots to look at and read. I'm new to the dobro (3 months) and am looking for a good teacher in my area and/or some good festivals or workshops. I live in the Dayton, OH area and would appreciate any information you or any of your fans could pass my way. Sure do appreciate your guestbook where beginners like me can look for help and encouragement. Thanks!!!
Tim Mercer <
USA - Saturday, January 29, 2000 at 10:45:16 (CST)

I've never regretted purchasing a used Tennessee top tension banjo over two years ago. The rich tones are the perfect incentive for a 'senior' student who always wanted to play bluegrass banjo!
Milt Friesen <
Central Point, OR USA - Thursday, January 20, 2000 at 14:20:02 (CST)

Hi! Just a note to anyone who may have left a message between Dec 4 and Jan 10 - it was lost in the switch over to a new server! No, it wasn't the Y2K bug!
Don <
USA - Sunday, January 16, 2000 at 00:54:56 (CST)

Great site Tut. Look forward to seeing you at SPBGMA this year.
Roy Mayes <rmayes@Idletymes.com>
Point Pleasant, WV USA - Saturday, January 15, 2000 at 22:20:52 (CST)

Happy New Year Tut and Lee! Your page is just about as awesome as the blues grooves you lay down on your dobro. (Hey, that sounds like a good song title!) I look forward to seeing ya'll and jammin' sometime this year. I wish you all the best and safe travelin' mercies.
Jane Baxter
Carrollton, GA USA - Saturday, January 15, 2000 at 15:44:31 (CST)

Testing ....
Don <
USA - Monday, January 10, 2000 at 13:36:18 (CST)

Hey Tut, This was my first visit to your site. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you.
Bob Haglock <
St.Clairsville, OH USA - Saturday, December 04, 1999 at 09:42:19 (CST)

After about twenty years of playing bluegrass banjo, I've taken the plunge and decided to become a dobro player. I recently got a Tut Taylor Tennesseean and really love it. Thanks for the great site. Any place where I can read about dobros and barbecue both is well worth a visit!
Greg Earnest <gearnest@mindspring.com>
Marietta, GA USA - Tuesday, November 30, 1999 at 18:06:41 (CST)

Steve Floyd <
Port Neches, TX USA - Friday, November 26, 1999 at 23:21:41 (CST)

have been listenin' for all the years now. Recently a mutual friend agreed to give me a pointer or two. Aubrey Nelson's his name and he sho'does like you. So do I. Hope to meet you one day. A devoted follower. I own a 'record' store and do business with Record Depot. Your recordings hold a special place in my store. As I said before, I remain a devoted follower. I have been lookin' for the record and book for a long time.....any ideas how I might scare one up? I was born in the country outside Waycross, Ga. I will retire to the country soon and will not miss the city life. Good luck to you and your family.
Jimmy Vining <
Atl. , Ga. USA - Tuesday, October 26, 1999 at 13:54:01 (CDT)

have been listenin' for all the years now. Recently a mutual friend agreed to give ame a pointer or two. Aubrey Nelson's his name and he sho'does like you. So do I. Hope to meet you one day. A devoted follower. I own a 'record' store and do business with Record Depot. Your recordings hold a special place in my store. As I said before, I remain a devoted follower. I have been lookin' for the record and book for a long time.....any ideas how I might scare one up? I was born in the country outside Waycross, Ga. I will retire to the country soon and will not miss the city life. Good luck to you and your family.
Jimmy Vining <
Atl. , Ga. USA - Tuesday, October 26, 1999 at 13:52:25 (CDT)

Great Website Tut
Mike Beard <
Rock Island, IL USA - Saturday, October 16, 1999 at 12:18:30 (CDT)

Hey Tut I just stopped by to take a look at ya, It was a great time. Loved your place.........Scotti
Scotti Adams <
SpringValley, Oh USA - Friday, October 15, 1999 at 07:34:10 (CDT)

Hi Tut! I love your website. I have always enjoyed your style of pickin'.I was over at my friend Toms' house a month or so ago and showed him a new lick I came up with.He said it sounded like you!I wish!
Gary Chansler <
Mt.Juliet, TN USA - Tuesday, October 12, 1999 at 19:55:10 (CDT)

WOODBURY, KY USA - Monday, October 11, 1999 at 00:23:56 (CDT)

great page.
rodney turner <june@pinebelt.net>
needham, al USA - Saturday, October 02, 1999 at 21:56:34 (CDT)

I have recently renewed my interest in learning to play the dobro. Your wedsite is an inspiration to me.
Lindsey Amos <
Orange Park, FL USA - Friday, September 24, 1999 at 19:25:38 (CDT)

Enjoyed very much meeting you in person at the Armuchee Festival. Great Music!!!!!!!!
Joel Daily <
Austell, GA USA - Wednesday, September 15, 1999 at 18:47:04 (CDT)

Here in the depths of (darkest) Lancashire we strain to hear the sound of the howling Dobro. No sliders and pickers around here except me (unless someone knows different) Tut is an inspiration - sits together in a cd case alongside Pete Kirby (how is he these days?)in my car. I try to copy but ................ Nice website and also good to see you on resoguit. Best regards for the future Bill
Bill Dalton <
UK - Monday, August 02, 1999 at 19:56:36 (CDT)

Just thought I'd let you folks know that this is a really fun website! (And so regularly updated, too!) Almost makes this die-hard fiddler want to take up the dobro. Thanks.
SK Burns <
Falls Church, VA USA - Friday, July 16, 1999 at 07:51:19 (CDT)

Hey Tut, You've done some 'renovatin' to the web site since I last visited. Great site! Enjoyed the photos. I look forward to seeing and hearing at Armuchee in Sept. (Labor Day) Don't forget my signed copy of 'Aereo Plane' Best regards. Bill
Bill Brown <bcbrown@earthlink.net>
Knoxville, TN USA - Monday, July 05, 1999 at 05:19:37 (CDT)

Tut, Nice website! I enjoyed the pictures with Don Reno. What an origional. Keep pickin. I'm about to wear out Friar Tut and 12 string dobro. I think they've been in our collection over 25 years now. Gary and Roberta Gordon
Gary Gordon <ggordon@midwest.net>
Sparta, Il. USA - Sunday, May 23, 1999 at 19:04:42 (CDT)

ARMUCHEE/ROME, GA USA - Wednesday, May 19, 1999 at 20:14:03 (CDT)

I was privileged to get to meet and play with Mr. Taylor during Merlefest this year. While I am mostly identified with playing and writing rock music, I've always loved bluegrass and old time music and have known the name and music of Tut Taylor since high school. To get to sing "Rank Strangers" with Tut providing his beautiful touch at my right... Say what you will about Hootie and the Blowfish, but they've given me some amazing opportunities to play with some of my favorite players and singers: Al Green, Steve Cropper, Willie Nelson, and I can now add Tut Taylor. He is a true gentleman, and I hope I have half as much energy, interest and quality when I'm his age. Thanks so much. Sincerely, Peter Holsapple Hootie and the Blowfish touring member at Merlefest 1999
Peter Holsapple <
New Orleans, LA USA - Tuesday, May 18, 1999 at 12:52:56 (CDT)

One of my favorite slide tunes is Ghost Picker. I learned it on Dobro over twenty years ago and now like to play it bottleneck. Thanks for all the great music,Tut. David Brooks
David Brooks <
Mooresville, NC USA - Monday, April 26, 1999 at 18:42:33 (CDT)

I first learned of Tut Taylor earlier this year when I picked up a copy of his Tut Taylor - King Tut album. I immediately fell in love with his style and ability, and began wishing that he was my grandpa so that I could get him to teach me just how in the world he did it. Thanks Tut for giving me another reason to love bluegrass, the jazz of rural America! Take care, Steve
Steven Sarnese <
Slippery Rock, PA USA - Wednesday, April 14, 1999 at 13:34:12 (CDT)

I'm developing a site for the "George D. Hay Foundation". Wanted to say "hey" and link to your site.
Gary Gillespie <
Mammoth Spring, AR USA - Tuesday, April 13, 1999 at 23:43:19 (CDT)

Hi Tut, just checking to see if the guestbook is working ok.
Don <
Vicksburg, MS USA - Monday, April 12, 1999 at 17:55:17 (CDT)

hey there again tutlee! just caught up again with your web page, all the new stuff is great!! especially like the photo of you, me and jerry at dobrofest! I hope all is well and a big howdy and hug to you and lee, sally
sally van meter <
co USA - Saturday, March 20, 1999 at 01:29:13 (CST)

Mr. Tutt, Van and I really enjoyed ourselves at Toomsboro saturday night. We especially enjoyed your pickin. Thanks for a good night...Hope to see you soon...Jea and Van Holland , Hillside Bluegrass Park
Jean And Van Holland <
Cochran, , Ga. USA - Monday, March 15, 1999 at 19:09:16 (CST)

Many years went with bebop and other jazz stuff.Main instruments are sax and flute.I started with gtr about 30 years ago.Now I own metalbody Johnson round neck guitar and it's great to notice that there is this wonderfull music style called bluegrass. best regards, Jarmo Hämäläinen,Finland
Jarmo Hämäläinen <
Kuopio, FINLAND - Sunday, March 07, 1999 at 14:14:20 (CST)

I think that King Tut is a rich very rich man and it would be cool to have all that stuff
Jeremy Ashley <
Knox, Tn USA - Thursday, March 04, 1999 at 06:48:58 (CST)

Your website is cool,Tut. I will see you at Merle.
François GALLAND <fgalland@infonie.fr>
Vierzon, FRANCE - Wednesday, February 24, 1999 at 01:33:22 (CST)

Great site, Tut!
Tom Adler <
Lexington, KY USA - Tuesday, February 23, 1999 at 15:28:53 (CST)

Hey, Tut -- I miss the original OTPP but this is a great '90s kind of substitute. Loved the kitchen tapes CD with you and Norman; looking for the next one!
Max McCullough <
McLean, VA USA - Tuesday, February 23, 1999 at 12:20:15 (CST)

Tut, Great webpage! And I really enjoy your pickin' When's the next recording project due out? Deb (DJ) Glidden
Debra (DJ) Glidden <glidden@aiusa.com>
Syracuse, NY USA - Tuesday, February 23, 1999 at 10:11:33 (CST)

mickey fuller
KINGSLAND, AR. USA - Thursday, February 18, 1999 at 18:29:32 (CST)

Hey Tut--See you everywhere--Hughie
USA - Friday, February 12, 1999 at 11:42:32 (CST)

This web site, like your pickin', is done to perfection. Thanks for all the enjoyment your music has brought me.
John 'JK' Hendrey <
Holland, IN USA - Friday, February 12, 1999 at 11:31:06 (CST)

Mr. Taylor, I loved the Heartland segment about you and your music. I recently bought my husband a dobro. We are looking for a teacher. I wish I had known about your instruments.Your instruments were beautiful!Do you give lessons or know of a good instructor? Please E-mail me.
Jess Anne Cole <
Clinton, TN USA - Thursday, February 11, 1999 at 21:39:33 (CST)

Hey Man! Been listening to you (and Norman Blake) for years. Great music! Glad to see you're on the web, too! :)
Dale Peace <
Tallahassee, Fl USA - Friday, February 05, 1999 at 04:40:41 (CST)

Looking Good........finally made it...
Mark - son <
Old Hickory, TN USA - Thursday, February 04, 1999 at 11:22:58 (CST)

Just keep on flatpickin', makin' that great music!
Bob Loomis <
Concord, CA USA - Friday, January 22, 1999 at 02:13:39 (CST)

It really disturbs me to see you in pictures. I now see what my friend and your son will look like in 20 years !!!! Great site,Tut......Build me a laptop banja !!!
Ron Satterfield <
USA - Friday, January 22, 1999 at 00:52:08 (CST)

Hi Tut: I don't live but about 6 or 8 miles from you and have never met you. that's a shame, I head up a Bluegrass Band called Steve Pennington & The Prairie Creek Ramblers and we live just after you g=come out of the 13 curves on 411 north of Maryville. Just wanted to say i like your page i came here fromBob and Sonny Osbornes page they have been friends of ours for a long time. If you remember Eddie Martin from la Belle fla. he used to be our dobro player till he passed away 3 years ago. Josh introduced him to me back in 1983. I'm in the phone book if you would like to talk sometime maybe we could pick a little. Like your page Steve Pennington
Steve Pennington <stevepennington@netscape.net>
Maryville, Tn USA - Thursday, January 21, 1999 at 13:15:54 (CST)

Hi! If anyone has tried to leave a message in the guestbook in the last month or two and it didn't appear please feel free to try again. The guestbook script was inadvertantly corrupted disabling the guestbook. Sorry!
Don Nelson <guildf50@vicksburg.com>
Vicksburg, MS USA - Tuesday, January 19, 1999 at 03:37:51 (CST)

WHITE, GA USA - Sunday, November 29, 1998 at 15:23:10 (CST)

i like your instruments keep up the good work
white, ga USA - Sunday, November 29, 1998 at 15:16:06 (CST)

Nice to meet you and get a chance to play your "TUTBRO" at IBMA. looks a little unorthodox, but sounds GREAT ! Hope to get a chance to see you again. You have been one of my favorites for many years.... Jim Warren
Jim Warren <
Ludlow, Vt USA - Friday, November 27, 1998 at 16:38:59 (CST)

Hello Tut, Here is a message from a french fan ! Bravo et vive le dobro. Plus 2 questions : Would you ship CD's overseas ? Could I buy CD's from you with my visa card ? It's very hard to find Dobro music over here ! Keep on picking ! B. Beck
Bernard Beck <
Paris, France - Friday, November 27, 1998 at 15:14:35 (CST)

Saw you and your wife under the tent at Merlefest with your picking buddies from "flood" and you were so nice to everyone. A gentleman from England was seated beside me and we became friends just listening to ya"ll play. Music is such a great gift--thanks for yours. See you under your tent in 99.
Tim Shelton <
walstonburg, nc USA - Thursday, November 05, 1998 at 01:07:03 (CST)

hey papa nice page, my first time visitin'
USA - Saturday, October 31, 1998 at 14:46:56 (CST)

Great site! Very interesting and well composed. Keep up the good work! smokeydog
smokeydog <smokeydog@webtv.net>
the hills, TN USA - Saturday, September 19, 1998 at 09:31:10 (CDT)

Just thought I'd let you know you have a visitor from the emerald isle. Keep up the good work.
Colin Henry <
Belfast, N. Ireland - Sunday, September 13, 1998 at 15:40:11 (CDT)

Always been facinated by your flat pickin' style. Just goes to show that there is no single way to be great!
Tom Sowell <10960 So. Houston Ave.>
Jenks, OK USA - Saturday, September 05, 1998 at 17:31:52 (CDT)

Hey Tut--Armuchee is near--See you there--Good stuff here-- I really like that "Flash Flood" hehehe-- Hey Lee--
Hughie Wylie <
Douglasville, Ga. USA - Saturday, August 22, 1998 at 17:37:20 (CDT)

It sure was great seeing you at Winterhawk last month. I picked up a copy of "Flatpickin' In the Kitchen" from your booth there and I've been enjoying it constantly ever since. Hope to see you there next year!
Alan Beckman
Kirkwood, MO USA - Tuesday, August 18, 1998 at 08:06:11 (CDT)

From a resophonic colector and picker from down under I would just like to say that I enjoyed your site and hope to get the opportunity to pick on one one of your instruments real soon kindes regards Gary Brown.
Sydney, NS AUSTRALIA - Wednesday, July 22, 1998 at 01:17:04 (CDT)

Hi Tut I stopped by in the hopes that I could gain some information. I have an old dobro that I have been trying to date. It is a chrome plated brass body with a scene of mexican woman and man standing in a courtyard etched on the back. The front has grapes and vines winding around the body. The neck is v shaped with inlaid mother of pearl dots the name "Dobro" inlaid on the head and the number "1869" stamped into the end of the head. If you can be of any help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jeff Caputo
Jeff Caputo <
Hamilon, ont. Canada - Sunday, July 19, 1998 at 23:32:38 (CDT)

Hi Tut, It was good seeing you at Kaufman`s the other day. The house is nearly finished, about another week. Norman is off in August, we will have a pickin` party sometime soon. Thanks for the CD. Hazel.
Hazel <
Cave City, KY USA - Friday, July 10, 1998 at 16:51:48 (CDT)

tut, so glad to find you here, i've listened to you since i was little, i fell in love with the dobro early, i went to the music story & bought two albums, mike auldridge's dobro & your dobrolic plectrical society, to say the least, they both have been replaced many times!!, i'm signed on the internet at work, i don't have a sight, my home address is: steve sharpe, po box 390, dayton, va 22821-0390, take care & keep dobrolic plectrical society in production, its about time to get a new one!
steve sharpe
dayton, va USA - Tuesday, July 07, 1998 at 02:29:04 (CDT)

Hey Tut...just stumbled into your web page and really enjoyed the visit. It brought back good memories of visits Sparky and I made to your shop in Nashville in the 70's. Hope you are doing well and I'll see you at IBMA in the Fall.
Ken Landreth <
Morgantown, WV USA - Wednesday, July 01, 1998 at 10:12:47 (CDT)

Tut: I'm a new Bluegrass enthusiast and have taken a special fondness to the dobro -- intend to start learning to play one! Thanks for websites like yours! Hope to see you at one of the festivals sometime soon! Love, Nina
Nina Rowan <
chattanooga, tn USA - Tuesday, June 30, 1998 at 12:54:34 (CDT)

Howdy Tut; Appreciate you responding to my question on my Ode, Tut Taylor, Gretch, Givens mandolin....I have always wondered why so many names on that thing. Nice web page! I sure enjoyed your playing at the SKFC. Next year I won't be so shy.....we will have a talk. thanks! Rich McConnell
Rich McConnell <
Lecompton , KS USA - Sunday, June 28, 1998 at 19:08:41 (CDT)

hi ya tutley! just checked the great dobro sessions page and think it looks sooo fine! thought i should tell you that. I'll be talking to you real soon! love sally
Sally Van Meter <
boulder, co USA - Sunday, May 31, 1998 at 02:08:39 (CDT)

Bob Lazenby <
USA - Wednesday, May 27, 1998 at 11:04:28 (CDT)

Hi, Tut. Interesting site. Haven't looked at it all, yet. Such a lot of stuff! Found you through Terry Herd's site.
Fran <flarkin@nii.net>
MA USA - Thursday, May 14, 1998 at 16:34:10 (CDT)

Hi Tut- thanks for setting up and maintaining your site; I like it. As an _old_ neophyte, flatpicking guitar and mandolin, I figured it was high time I tried your style, so I put an extension nut on my National Polychrome and put it in open G. Only trouble is, most Dobro tab I see is for those #$* fingerpickers. Guess I'll just have to play it by ear.
Ed Ashley <
ME USA - Wednesday, May 13, 1998 at 14:16:55 (CDT)

Excellent Cite......Maybe add a little Tablature to enlighten us.
Brad Harper <
Lewisville, NC USA - Tuesday, May 12, 1998 at 19:29:01 (CDT)

I own several resophonic guitars but my two favorites are my Rick & Taylor (Tut Taylor) Californian and my 1932 National Tricone. Always been facinated by Tut's playing. Tom Sowell
Tom Sowell <
Jenks, OK USA - Saturday, May 09, 1998 at 18:35:25 (CDT)

Great sight. Great site. I've got a nifty Dobro mandolin (circa '35) from John Bernunzio and wish I knew how to flatpick right. Let's have some mandolin tutoring books on the subject. All the best!
Tyrus Reiman <
Toronto, Canada - Tuesday, May 05, 1998 at 16:31:42 (CDT)

Great sight. Great site. I've got a nifty Dobro mandolin (circa '35) from John Bernunzio and wish I knew how to flatpick right. Let's have some mandolin tutoring books on the subject. All the best!
Tyrus Reiman <
Toronto, Canada - Tuesday, May 05, 1998 at 16:31:41 (CDT)

Tut, Great job. Love the clips you have. I'm originally from Kentucky and that's my kind of music. I love my Bluegrass Gospel too. Thanks again.
Phillip Johnson <pvjohnson1@ems.att.com>
Atlanta, Ga USA - Tuesday, May 05, 1998 at 11:57:42 (CDT)

Tut, thanks for sending yor home page with the e-mail. now we can check on you from that. Almost forgot you were a sign painter. Earl teaches art now instead of doing signs. Good luck. love the Raney's
Alice Raney <
Tahlexquah, ok USA - Tuesday, April 28, 1998 at 17:46:12 (CDT)

Hi, Tut. You really have a good looking web page. I still think "Sweeet Pickin' Time in Toomsboro, GA" is one of the best songs ever. I visited at your shop in Nashville many years ago and you were so nice to me. I saw you play two years ago at Steve Kaufman's Camp with Curtis Burch and Don Cassell. Great show. Good luck at teh Merle this weekend.
Tom Quillen <
Chattanooga, TN USA - Wednesday, April 22, 1998 at 22:57:28 (CDT)

Tut: Say your homepage and thought I'd say Hi. If you recall, you had sold me that '46 herringbone that turned out to be fake. Anyway, next time you run into a REAL one and want to sell it, give me a call! Hope you're doing well. I got a copy of "Pickin in the Kitchen" and am really enjoying it. I saw you at the National Slide Festival in Brevard and enjoyed your clinic. They're talking about having the next one in Knoxville. Hope you and your family are doing well. Hope to see you sometime, Joe
Joe Clark <
Knoxville, TN USA - Wednesday, April 15, 1998 at 14:41:00 (CDT)

Great site
Francois <
BELGIUM - Thursday, April 02, 1998 at 09:51:46 (CST)

Greetings to all Dobro and Banjo Players from Germany Hermann Dickel
Hermann Dickel <
59969Hallenberg, Germany - Thursday, March 19, 1998 at 14:03:47 (CST)

Bev Kings periodical showed ur url. really nice Im and ole man trying to learn dobro since i love it and fear the sound may dissapear. ? can anyone help me w/ the "sweet betsy from pike" words? thanks for being there tut I see the OZ is having knee trouble. I am learning on a cheap jap regal looking for a better one soon
keith justice <
crystal lake, il USA - Saturday, March 14, 1998 at 09:22:02 (CST)

Tut-I've got 10,000 record albums and your Dobrolic Plectral Society is my #1. Keep up the great work!
Tony Supanich
USA - Sunday, March 08, 1998 at 19:12:28 (CST)

Come home and flat pick for us.
Michael Little + Steve Uhler
Milledgeville, USA - Tuesday, March 03, 1998 at 01:20:42 (CST)

Hi Tut; Enjoyed your site. Was such a pleasure to pick with one of my hero's. You are a great dobro player and a wonderful person (so is your wife). Thanks for the opportunity of a lifetime!!!! with great admiration- Cindy.
Cindy Matheson <Cindy Math>
Oh. USA - Monday, March 02, 1998 at 21:23:52 (CST)

Hi Tut, heard about your site and stopped by for a visit. You did a great job on the website.
Skip Ogden <cogden@Ibest.net>
WIlson, NC USA - Wednesday, February 25, 1998 at 09:47:41 (CST)

Tut, several years ago in guitar player magazine you described your search for the ultimate dobro. I went looking for that guitar too. I found an old 1937 model 27 square neck in a music shop for about $600 (1983). Well, I didn't have the cash so I had to give the owner a 1940 D-18. I still own and play that guitar. I found another one at a guitar show about two years ago, no one knew what it was. Thanks for the tip! Who is going to do the Dobro book? They deserve a book. Thanks
Terry Mitchell <
Galesburg, IL USA - Thursday, February 19, 1998 at 21:44:45 (CST)

G'day Tut Jusr received 'Flatpickin in the Kitchen' It's great! Vintage Tut and Norman. Hurry volume 2! Keep on pickin
Chris Kuhn <
Perth, WA Australia - Saturday, February 14, 1998 at 23:34:48 (CST)

Like your website very much, where can I find the tabs with your music. Just started playing DOBRO last may, I am in love with the instrument. Let's play on!!!
Edwin Sandberg <
The Hague, The Netherlands - Saturday, February 14, 1998 at 14:02:11 (CST)

Dad....Looking Goooooood.....Mark
Mark Taylor <cmtaylor@usit.net>
Old Hickory, TN USA - Sunday, February 08, 1998 at 21:00:53 (CST)

Hi Tut, I read your input to the List and most often just have to grin. So. I signed the @#$% @$)* guest book. Happy now? :) List lurker extrordinairre.....
Cindy Blackwell
Spokane, WA USA - Sunday, February 08, 1998 at 19:57:48 (CST)

Hi Tut, I read your input to the List and most often just have to grin. So. I signed the @#$% @$)* guest book. Happy now? :) List lurker extrordinairre.....
Cindy Blackwell <
Spokane, WA USA - Sunday, February 08, 1998 at 19:57:16 (CST)

Howdy, Tut, seen your posts around on the AcuTab List. So, you trying to hide your email address? It'd be easier to order stuff, etc, if you'd list it there with your posts instead of forcing folk to visit your WEB page to email you.
Buzz Hoffman <
Beaverton, OR USA - Friday, February 06, 1998 at 22:43:42 (CST)

Well TUT.... I sure did enjoy my surf through yer website!!! The photos were nice and more importantly I see that you have lead a full and productive life that any one would be proud to have had. I sure would! May be one day we will meet face to face and enjoy each others company for a spell. Good luck and best wishes for you and your future achievements. See ya on da list serv from time to time too. Don
Don Woods <
Norfolk, Va USA - Friday, February 06, 1998 at 15:30:48 (CST)

Well TUT.... I sure did enjoy my surf through yer website!!! The photos were nice and more importantly I see that you have lead a full and productive life that any one would be proud to have had. I sure would! May be one day we will meet face to face and enjoy each others company for a spell. Good luck and best wishes for you and your future achievements. See ya on da list serv from time to time too. Don
Don Woods <
Norfolk, Va USA - Friday, February 06, 1998 at 15:30:13 (CST)

See your comments on the Acutab list from time to time. (If Kevin doesn't go soon, I will) Was surfing the net, usually in bluegrass kinds of topics, and came accross your site. I play (struggle) with banjo (Scruggs style), guitar (big Kaufman fan), and just started toying with mandolin. Sometime will try the dobro, hopefully soon. I've heard some of your stuff. It's great.
roman rowan <
Plymouth, MN USA - Thursday, February 05, 1998 at 14:44:05 (CST)

Hi Tut, the guestbook should be working now ...
Don Nelson <guildf50@vicksburg.com>
Vicksburg, MS USA - Monday, January 26, 1998 at 10:06:33 (CST)

Have enjoyed listening to your Friar Tut album for over 25 years now. I added the dobro to the list of acoustic instruments I own and play about 3 years ago. Thanks for the inspiration!
Jim White
Estill Springs, TN USA - Monday, January 19, 1998 at 12:44:03 (CST)

Tut, I like the web you created a lot. I am trying to play DOBRO myself, but I find it very hard without a stick behind the door to keep on practising thse rolls. I have just been to a nice picking party here in Holland where there were five DOBRO-players, which is a lot for our small country. Thanks again, Bert Mengerink, member of the NBMA.
Bert Mengerink <bert@cistron.nl>
Gieten, Drenthe Netherlands - Sunday, January 18, 1998 at 14:38:26 (CST)

Good show Tut Mac Puckett and I will see you tomorrow 1-18-98 to finish the CD with {That Train} It's been a long time-- Hughie
Hughie Wylie <
USA - Saturday, January 17, 1998 at 14:52:07 (CST)

Good ite!
Wayne Seymour <
Reidsville, NC USA - Saturday, January 17, 1998 at 09:55:44 (CST)

those were interesting stories....hope you add many more!
carol rumpf <
lake luzerne, ny USA - Friday, January 16, 1998 at 20:08:34 (CST)

Hi Tut! I am just now ordering your "Pickin' In The Kitchen" album and can't wait to listen to it all. The samples sounded real good. Just a country boy from N.C. living in the city but always listening to Bluegrass music. Keep on Picking>>>>>>>Bill
Bill Stanford <
San Francisco, Ca USA - Friday, January 16, 1998 at 19:26:34 (CST)

great to see you on the web. will be ordering aereo-plain cd real soon,my old vinyl is pretty worn out. looking for nice old martin d-18, give a shout if you come across one.
gary lepard <
burns, or USA - Friday, January 16, 1998 at 15:57:00 (CST)

Go Tut go! Nice site and I added you a link. I love the Kitchen Tapes project. YESSIRREBOBCATTAIL! Bo
"THE BO-MAN" <boman@wwd.net>
Ashland, Ky USA - Friday, January 16, 1998 at 14:48:14 (CST)

Like your Web stuff. Look forward to surfing through it. Also like your comments on the banjo email list. I'm from South Arkansas, graduated high school and college, and never pulled a plow in my life. From what I've heard, I didn't miss much... I play mostly mandolin on one of Randy Wood's F5s. Our bassist owns an old GTR he's had for about 20 years. Nice mandolin. Regards, Bill
Bill Nesbitt <bnesbitt@aristotle.net>
Little Rock, AR USA - Wednesday, January 07, 1998 at 21:36:35 (CST)

Tut, Loved your website. What a great life story. I have also heard a few cuts of your "flatpickin in the kitchen" and its excellant. Post more photos!!!
John Schaffer <
USA - Wednesday, January 07, 1998 at 17:06:20 (CST)

Nice web site Tut.
Michael Smartt <
USA - Friday, January 02, 1998 at 22:03:15 (CST)

Super web site, Tut!
Stan Wolfe <
San Jose, CA USA - Thursday, January 01, 1998 at 15:21:15 (CST)

I am very glad to have found your homepage. You have been one of my favorite musician to listen to. I play the guitar but have wanted to learn the Dobro someday. Right now I am playing in a band with a good ole picker from your parts cherokee Bob was his handle. well I am going to keep your adress. Thanks for your great Music.
Steven A. Smith <
Billings, MT USA - Monday, December 29, 1997 at 08:30:51 (CST)

Thank you for providing me this good visit to your place. You have the good life. Thanks for all you do to keep good music alive and well. dj of raleigh
D J Anderson <
Raleigh, NC USA - Saturday, December 27, 1997 at 11:09:54 (CST)

Hi Uncle Tut: Mom & Dad (Linda & Rich Grimes) told us about your webpage. We are very impressed and had no idea you were such a professional! The Chicago Temple is limping along without you. Hope you and Ella Lee are happy & healty. Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a bright 1998. Love, Paul & Sharon Brown Wilmette, Illinois
Paul & Sharon Brown <
Wilmette, IL USA - Tuesday, December 23, 1997 at 13:54:46 (CST)

Real fine page Tut. And I have and do listen to your songs, and I love your style of playing.
Mike Beard <
Muscatine, IA USA - Thursday, December 18, 1997 at 19:15:56 (CST)

ST.LOUIS, MO USA - Monday, December 15, 1997 at 16:15:57 (CST)

Found your address through Flatpickers-L. Love your music! Keep up the good work. Sincerely, Keith Clemens
Keith M. Clemens <
Springfield, Il USA - Wednesday, November 26, 1997 at 20:46:12 (CST)

I became aquainted with you on FLATPICK-L Tut. You have a very nice page. I met Norman Blake too at a workshop in Dallas a couple of years ago, nice fellow too. I have you guy's albumn and I like it a lot. Thanks, Woody Pope
Woody Pope <
Garland, TX USA - Wednesday, November 19, 1997 at 18:37:30 (CST)

Tut, starting with AeroPlane, your music has brought me decades of enjoyment. I am going to order Pickin' in the Kitchen as soon as I get home this evening. Remember that you still owe me the second half of your 'possum-gut stew' recipe (in return for my chili recipes on FLATPICK-L). Keep Pickin'and Grinnin'
John Novack <
Princeton, NJ USA - Wednesday, November 19, 1997 at 11:43:05 (CST)

I loved the kitchen tapes, Thanks for puttong it out!
Denny Johnson <
Edina, MMMMMMn USA - Monday, November 17, 1997 at 22:52:12 (CST)

Hello, here is a message from a fan over in France. I feel very happy to come over and visit you. This site is just great. Keep on picking and interneting.
Bernard Beck <
FRANCE - Sunday, November 16, 1997 at 03:14:58 (CST)

Beginning picker
Tim Borden <
Jasper, AL USA - Saturday, November 15, 1997 at 20:53:34 (CST)

Flatpickin' in the Kitchen is great. Thanks Tut & Norman
mike arant <
charlotte, nc USA - Saturday, November 15, 1997 at 14:11:10 (CST)

Enjoyed Tut's playing over the years
Mike Mannion <
Tolland, Ma USA - Sunday, November 09, 1997 at 22:06:06 (CST)

It's a beautiful site, and your picking has a beautiful warm sound. Where in the world can I learn about pre-WWII Regal resophonic guitars (no serial numbers; who restored my 1936 round neck, and how can it be fixed up again?) Thanks for all the music (Areo-Plain and Dobrolic Plectral Society, which I heard first in 76).
Pablo Conrad <
New York, NY USA - Thursday, November 06, 1997 at 19:12:03 (CST)

Hey, Tut, I can't believe this chance to do what I've dreamed of for years, ever since first stumbling on "The Old Post Office". "Dobrol Plectral Society", asside from my never keeping the name straight, is my favorite recording, period. You guys are so honest and straight into the music, no emotional claptrap (well, maybe on those mandolins). You and Norman, and, in his way, old Doc, make me cry just because there is so much heartfelt devotion to the music (and being decent men), you don't need any other sentiment. Thanks for making my life better by having heard you. --Peter
Peter Geis <
La Honda, CA USA - Friday, October 31, 1997 at 17:51:18 (CST)

Tut, Good to hear of the great reviews of the recordings from the kitchen. Best regards, Wayne
Wayne Steadham II <
Winfield, KS USA - Monday, October 27, 1997 at 21:13:03 (CST)

Tut - Nice web page!! Do you know where I can obtain a copy of "The Old Post Office"? Thanks for the call today - look forward to staying in touch. Scott
Scott O'Malley <somagency@aol.com>
Colorado Springs, CO USA - Monday, October 27, 1997 at 17:56:39 (CST)

I saw you in person in 1973 in WA state here and was knocked-out...you are one of my music heroes...thanks for being here on the web! yahoo.......SL
Shirley Lange <
Bellingham, WA USA - Monday, October 20, 1997 at 10:49:22 (CDT)

I really enjoyed your website, been missing your advice on the list but then realized you are at the IBMA. Hope your grit tasting goes well - enjoy.
Phil Peterman <
Harrisonburg, VA USA - Friday, October 17, 1997 at 14:15:59 (CDT)

Tut, your web site is like everything you do... very artistic. I'm looking forward to seeing your catalog of instruments.
David Dougherty <
London, KY USA - Monday, October 13, 1997 at 14:32:46 (CDT)

What a wonderful life you have led, playing bluegrass to the enjoyment of others. What a blessing it is to be talented like you are, I can appreciate it tremendously as someone who who recently began to learn to flatpick the guitar. I grew up in the midwest where bluegrass was the only music, at least that is what my dad told me. So as an adult I have grown to love the heritage passed on from family to family in the richness of song. I am working very hard at the guitar and would enjoy sitting in with you and Norman Blake one day. Thank you for your warm and generous gift and for sharing the wealth of bluegrass music. I and so many other have come to treasure.
Michael R. Combs <
Stanwood, WA USA - Thursday, October 09, 1997 at 14:21:40 (CDT)

Tut, I bought the Areo-Plane disc 25 yrs ago and loved it I've been a big acoustic music fan all that time and just met son Mark and purchased a resnophonic guitar and the re-release of the cd. I didn't realize how worn my vinal copy was! Hope you release Dobrolic Plectoral Society on cd also! I'm a student and friend of Curtis Burch thanks for the music over the years please keep it up. Frank Sullivan
Frank Sullivan <
bashvillejohnnyc, TN USA - Thursday, September 11, 1997 at 09:25:09 (CDT)

Hi Tut - I thought I'd check out your web page before emailing you back - See you at IBMA.
Stan Werbin <swerbin@elderly.com>
Lansing, MI USA - Tuesday, September 09, 1997 at 20:59:01 (CDT)

Hey Tut, I finally got around to checking out your sight...Nice Job! I will be checking back often. The last time I made it home to NC, Bobby Wolfe gave me a copy of his book "The Resophonic and the Pickers" and I especially enjoyed his interview with you. Take Care "Friar" and I hope to see you soon.
Rick Briggs <
Dauphin, PA USA - Saturday, September 06, 1997 at 18:11:44 (CDT)

Hi, Tut! Bob (my man) & I enjoyed meeting you at Steve K's Camp in June. We plan on attending in '98; will you be there for me? :) I have the sweetest photo of you & me; did I remember to send you one? (I'm the airhead that has hair but it's not blonde.) Take care and don't be so "picky"! Love ya, Diane :) Bob & Diane Rostollan 1365 W. North Union Rd. Auburn, MI 48611
Diane Rostollan
Auburn, MI USA - Friday, August 29, 1997 at 15:43:11 (CDT)

Hi Tut Play a Scheerhorm (1996), also own a 1985 OMI 60BS, and a '30's vintage 14 Fret Square Neck National Rosita. Monthly BG Jams 3rd Saturday in Valparaiso, IN October thru April.
John Harbeck <
Valparaiso, IN USA - Tuesday, August 26, 1997 at 20:46:15 (CDT)

we need more DOBRO INFO on the Internet Thanks alot.
tom costner <
macon, ga USA - Sunday, August 24, 1997 at 22:13:20 (CDT)

SAN ANTONIO, TX USA - Sunday, August 24, 1997 at 14:27:28 (CDT)

Hey Tut, I had breakfast at the table next to yours in an unforgettable (I can't remember the name) little cafe in Winfield, KS, about 18 or 20 years ago on a muddy, drizzly Saturday morning. When are you going to come back to the Walnut Valley Festival? We'd love to have you - get Nancy, and drag Norman along, too..
Charles Hamlett <charles.hamlett@brite.com>
Derby, KS USA - Wednesday, August 13, 1997 at 13:04:58 (CDT)

Hi Tut, Bluegrass & Oldtime Music Association of NJ Inc. Harold Buckelew President
Harold Buckelew <
Milltown, NJ USA - Tuesday, August 12, 1997 at 19:04:54 (CDT)

Enjoyed your page. I just saw that your page is going to become part of the Bluegrass Web Ring. I am one of your neighbors there. Welcome aboard!!
LuAnn Adams <adamslu@wdl.net>
Rockwood, MI USA - Monday, August 11, 1997 at 22:10:48 (CDT)

Just want to let you know that I think it's nice to know people out there are talented like you! I am orig. from Knoxville, Tenn. I sure hope that the future is as good as the past!
Max Sherman <MSher@aol.com>
Valley City, OH USA - Monday, August 11, 1997 at 13:56:56 (CDT)

just started the dobro and it,s great. Thanks!
john buster crabb <patcrabb@aol.com.uk>
u.k. - Saturday, August 09, 1997 at 13:06:22 (CDT)

Hey Tut!! Just checking out your webpage, and looks good. Well, I am patiently waiting on Dudenbostel to finish my guitar, which will be probably the last of August. Then he will start my mandolin......toooooo much.....!!!!! Acousticly yours, Scott Houston
Scott Houston <
knoxville, tn USA - Thursday, August 07, 1997 at 16:52:07 (CDT)

Good site--Kind of like that pine paneled room down in Ga. Kindly homey---Made for music--- later-- Hughie
USA - Tuesday, August 05, 1997 at 14:30:29 (CDT)

Tut,very cool site--love the photos and love your music.keep those c.d.'s coming!
scott bookman <
lancaster, pa USA - Monday, August 04, 1997 at 14:19:44 (CDT)

Tut Taylor is a great original voice in American Music, and a very cool guy!
John McGann <jmcgann@world.std.com>
Boston, MA USA - Monday, August 04, 1997 at 13:19:38 (CDT)

NIce website,Tut! Looking forward to hearing you at the slide festival in Brevard.
Bud Seagraves <
Etowah, NC USA - Friday, August 01, 1997 at 21:29:13 (CDT)

Tut: Thanks for doin' up FPITK. I can't wait to see the tabs when they're ready! Adios from the high desert; let us know if you come out this way. I know Norman and Nancy know where we are...
Jerry Cagle <
Santa Fe, NM USA - Friday, August 01, 1997 at 18:20:22 (CDT)

Hi Tut, We are pickin` in the kitchen! Hope you are feeling better. Talk to you soon. Hazel.
Hazel & Norman <
Cave City, KY USA - Thursday, July 31, 1997 at 09:22:20 (CDT)

Hey Tut. I really like your page and especially the pictures. I noticed in the first picture you had some dobro skins drying up on the side of the barn. They are certainly hard to trap, but it looks like you're doing good so far this year. Last Christmas I got a really nice sweater my Mom kniited me from some old resonators that had gotten up under the house. My Dad trapped and skinned them for her. Drop me a line. Scott Rouse
Scott Rouse <
Nashville, TN USA - Saturday, July 26, 1997 at 21:23:36 (CDT)

Like your stuff.
Bill Miltenberger <dakota_night@geocities.com>
Temecula, Ca USA - Saturday, July 26, 1997 at 13:11:39 (CDT)

Great website, Tut. I don't usually laugh out loud and grin when I'm looking at folk's webpages. I've got "Flatpickin' in the kitchen on order and can't wait to hear it! Thanks!
Marianne Lampert <
Charlottesville, VA USA - Friday, July 25, 1997 at 09:49:54 (CDT)

Tut, It was a pleasure meeting you at Merlefest '97. It was an unexpected treat to hear you pick a session with Norman, Nancy, and James. I am enoying "Flatpickin' in the Kitchen" as much as I thought I would, looking forward to Volune II. Regards, David Helm
David B. Helm <dbhelm@aol.com>
Chapin, SC USA - Sunday, July 20, 1997 at 09:26:52 (CDT)

Tut, Loved all the pictures. Is that Lester & Earl behind Don & Benny? We'll check back from time to time, just to see new things you've added and to see what you're up to. Take Care! Buckwheat & Sandy
John "Buckwheat" Green & Sandy Green <Doobshea@aol.com>
Mayfield, NC USA - Thursday, July 17, 1997 at 22:20:14 (CDT)

Hi! Met you at SK's Flatpicking Camp and bought your "Flatpickin' In The Kitchen" CD. I've really enjoyed the CD, and it was an honor meeting you.
Richard Smock <
Greencastle, IN USA - Thursday, July 17, 1997 at 13:30:39 (CDT)

Nice work- been meaning to stop by, and I see a lot of familiar folks here from a few lisis. Funny, in one way, you don't look at all as I pictured you; in another I would've been surprised if you'd appeared anu different. Keep it going! Best, Trish
Trish O'Neil <oneil@cybernw.com>
Portland, OR USA - Wednesday, July 16, 1997 at 22:55:59 (CDT)

Saw your message on the newsgroup and had to stop by and see who was in the picture you were talking about. Saw you at Peach Blossom and enjoyed your very unique and pleasing style of dobro playing. Hope to see you back in the future.
Mike Wood <
Conyers, GA USA - Wednesday, July 16, 1997 at 21:09:13 (CDT)

FFinally got around to visiting your new web site and it is tterrific. Way to go Tut. Now, we can only way for more words of wisdom from the Master.
Janet Newsom <
Signal Mtn., TN USA - Wednesday, July 16, 1997 at 20:43:47 (CDT)

Hi Tut, great page, don't neglect it, I'll visit every day to find out what's new, in the UK we have a word thats used when you can't think of the real word, we say Doobrie, as in "that doobrie looks loose" perhaps that would fit the bill for the kind of guitar you play. It's common usage, no copywright. Cheers, Mooney
USA - Wednesday, July 16, 1997 at 08:29:41 (CDT)

I am impressed! Great looking pages. I will come back tomorrow when I have time to listen to all the sound files. Thanks for considering The Bluegrass / Acoustic Music Web Ring for your site. Let me know if you need any help setting it up(From the looks of your site you could probably help me ) Thanks again and may all your Fields be Blue!
The Bluefields - New Appalachian Acoustic Music <Mturbyfill@InfoAve.Net>
Banner Elk, NC USA - Monday, July 14, 1997 at 21:33:48 (CDT)

Tut, I've enjoyed your webpage and your daily insights on the Acutab list.One thing I've noticed, you always seem to be having fun,keep it up. P.S. I play a Rich & Taylor Sonny Osborne and I love it.
Skip Wiese
USA - Sunday, July 13, 1997 at 22:32:52 (CDT)

tut great webpage- interesting info.i also believe you know how to cook and eat a hog. warm regards- Red Yates-BrushFire
Red Yates <
jonesboro, ga USA - Sunday, July 13, 1997 at 11:17:29 (CDT)

Great page, Tut, I always enjoy reading your comments on the Acutab listserv.
Tina LuAnn Hart <
Elkins, Ar USA - Friday, July 11, 1997 at 13:12:49 (CDT)

Great page! It is interesting how many good dobro pages are on the web, more than any other instrument, I think.
Neil Yerkey <yerkey@acsu.buffalo.edu>
Buffalo, NY USA - Friday, July 11, 1997 at 08:06:57 (CDT)

Howdy Tut Just wanted to say hey and keep punchin that two story guitar!
Bert Boykin <
Branford, FL USA - Tuesday, July 08, 1997 at 07:18:05 (CDT)

Finally found your web pages... (it was that little ~ that threw me off the first time. Very Nice! Glad to know you're still pickin' and grinnin'! More later. Sue
Sue Murphy <
Chehalis, WA USA - Monday, July 07, 1997 at 07:44:59 (CDT)

Web page looks great! I didn't know you were so high tech. That last picture (Grammy) is QUITE impressive. See ya. JD
Jeff Denny <
Brandon, MS USA - Friday, July 04, 1997 at 18:16:46 (CDT)

Tut, I've followed your work since I first heard of you in Guitar Player magazine. The new site looks great, but please lose the blink tag. I've added a link to your site on my site, Brad's Page of Steel. Good luck with your web site!
Brad Bechtel <wellvis@well.com>
San Francisco, CA USA - Thursday, July 03, 1997 at 13:23:42 (CDT)

Thanks for a interesting and good looking website. I really enjoyed the cound clips from your new CD.
Roger Lindblom <
Gothenburg, Sweden - Thursday, July 03, 1997 at 01:08:49 (CDT)

Howdy There Tut, I met you during the SKFC, but never did get around to pickin' with you. I'll track you down one day and we'll remedy that. I was wondering, did you ever come up with a name for that new tune you played at the camp? I might have one for you to consider if ya don't. Nice to see you on the WEB circuit.
Jack Kohler <jkohler@mactechsys.com>
Bend, OR USA - Wednesday, July 02, 1997 at 20:59:00 (CDT)

You're the first dobro player I ever heard and I admire your music. Take care.
Tom Corona
Denver, CO USA - Wednesday, July 02, 1997 at 13:23:35 (CDT)

Great Web Page, Tut. I'll be back soon. Robert
Robert Ahl <
Sundbyberg, Sweden - Wednesday, July 02, 1997 at 12:21:36 (CDT)

Tut, Fine job on the web-page. Having been a "Tut" fan for many years, it's really cool to learn more about your life and music. My first exposure to your music was the Aeroplane LP, and I was lucky enough to see Aeroplane at The Ryman a couple of years back, which will always be a highlight etched in my bluegrass memory. Thanks, Nelson
Nelson Hopwood <
Maysville, KY USA - Wednesday, July 02, 1997 at 06:29:41 (CDT)

Bob Day <
Nantucket, Ma USA - Wednesday, July 02, 1997 at 05:20:29 (CDT)

Tut, I truly have enjoyed your page. Our bluegrass band here in Alaska is looking to buy a dobro, and have been looking at your product. I currently onw a R&T Walnut Banjo, which I think is among the best.
Rick Epling <
Kenai, AK USA - Tuesday, July 01, 1997 at 23:38:55 (CDT)

Very nice Web page Tut. I'm also enjoying Flatpicking in the Kitchen CD. Looking forward to CD #2. I met you at Steve K.'s camp in 96. Hope to pick with you someday. Take care, Gus
Paul (Gus) Gustafson <
Madison, Al USA - Tuesday, July 01, 1997 at 22:34:28 (CDT)

Tut, I've been enjoying "Flat Pickin In The Kitchen"; always like your posts to the Flatpick-L group too. It's great to rub "virtual" shoulders here on the internet with one of my musical heroes.
Don Anderson <
Smithfield, UT USA - Tuesday, July 01, 1997 at 18:00:08 (CDT)

I'm president of the Kansas Bluegrass Association. I met you at your hospitality suite a couple of years ago at IBMA. I've been online since Dec and have really enjoyed reading your posts. Your web page is very nice and informative too! Mary
Mary C Ayers <
Wichita, KS USA - Tuesday, July 01, 1997 at 16:39:26 (CDT)

I made it to your padge Tut, and I find it quite professional. Don't lose your "everyday guy" personality on us now. Marty Smith
Marty Smith <
Chicago, IL USA - Tuesday, July 01, 1997 at 12:21:18 (CDT)

I see you on Flatpick-L. Do you still play Mando? If so, you can eat up more time by joining COMANDO, and get into more mando related music stuff. Enjoy your stories--give us more!
Larry Klose <
Tucson, AZ USA - Tuesday, July 01, 1997 at 11:45:37 (CDT)

Hi Tut, I enjoyed "Flatpickin' in the Kitchen", but I loaned it to Peter McLaughlin and I haven't seen it since... He must like it too. Nice webpage. You've always had a great, unique sound on that dobro. I guess you better get back to work on volume 2 of the recordings. Best regards.
Dan Liebler <
Tucson, AZ USA - Tuesday, July 01, 1997 at 10:56:51 (CDT)

Tut, enjoyed visiting your site. Will also want to link it to my bluegrass webpage. Great pics and thanks for sharing with us some of your great history. Bill Brown Marietta, GA
Bill Brown <bcbrown@earthlink.net>
Marietta, GA USA - Tuesday, July 01, 1997 at 10:49:52 (CDT)

Hey Tut, The page looks great.Hope to see you soon Jack
Jack Lawrence <
Charlotte, NC USA - Tuesday, July 01, 1997 at 10:45:32 (CDT)

Hi Tut, Still testing the guestbook. It may be working now. If anyone has tried to sign the book before now, sorry but it got deleted. It should be safe to add messages to the guestbook now. Thanks, Don
Don Nelson <guildf50@vicksburg.com>
Vicksburg, MS USA - Tuesday, July 01, 1997 at 10:43:44 (CDT)





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