How the TUX TAPE™ came to be

For the past 15 years I have been the owner of Weddings on First in Willmar, Minnesota. An important part of our business involves tuxedo rental. In addition to the general measuring knowledge necessary to get a proper fit, I noticed that many of the new jackets rented were not consistent with the old try-on coats that we've used for years. The new rental coats were fitting larger than our try-ons. Exchanging jackets on a regular basis was not good. We had two options: purchase all new try-on coats or use the four point coat measuring system as suggested by my tuxedo wholesaler. That format tells you how to add 6" here and minus 8" there...all this is in addition to the general measuring information we must know. It's a lot to keep in your head and keep straight. It occurred to me during one busy day of tuxedo measuring. Why isn't all this information on one tape measure so we don't have to refer to guidelines out of a book. Thus the TUX TAPE™ was created.

Here are a few of the highlights of the easy-to-use TUX TAPE™.

  • No longer will you be using a blank tape measure.

  • Many pages of information are now right at your finger-tips.

  • The TUX TAPE™ clearly shows where coat lengths are as well as boy's sleeve sizing.

  • Short, regular or long sleave lengths are easily selected.

  • Neck measurements clearly relate neck size with shirt size. (great for cross reference) .

  • Waistline guidelines are marked very clearly in their three inch increments (i.e. 33-35").

  • Top hats are a lot easier to measure correctly.

Most of us in the business know this information like the back of our hand. So why not just use a plain tape measure? I have found since using the TUX TAPE™ the customers are better informed about their fitting because they look down and can see the pant, shirt and coat sizing. This tape measure is showing your customer that you have the tools to do an accurate fit all while saving you valuable time and money.

Recently, I measured a ring bearer using the TUX TAPE™. In addition to checking the proper neck size, the tape showed that he was in between shirt sleeve sizes. I explained, using the tape, that he will not have a perfect sleeve length. We either need to have a shorter sleeve length and correct neck (BXS) or a little longer sleeve and bigger neck (BS). When the boy came for a final fitting the day before the wedding, the mom already knew what to expect for a fit. They even said "we knew it wouldn't be perfect". It was great! The proper information eliminated a dissatisfied and questioning customer. Using the TUX TAPE™ eliminated headaches for all involved!

I've also designed a color coded slide bar that automatically adds and subtracts the right amount of inches as you measure for the coat size. The TUX TAPE™ slide bar can also do quick and easy outseam measurements. Simply place the TUX TAPE™ at the hip bone, slide the bar down the tape to the floor, pick up the tape and your outseam B(dark green) is right there. When measuring, for example, an over-arm measurement the slide bar can be lined up with the correct Over-arm inch (marked Over arm A -light blue with symbol}. Follow on the slide bar to Over arm B (darker blue with same symbol). This will now indicate your coat size. Use the slide bar with all four coat measuring points and you have your coat size.

Regular tape measures can be a thing of the past in your business with proper use of the TUX TAPE™. Nothing is 100% fool proof, user discretion is advised. However, using the TUX TAPE™ will save you time and money.

We just went through the prom season and did not have to exchange any jackets. Only one pair of pants were altered due to a wrong shipment.

For more information with photos see the "How Does it Work" section. A patent is pending.

Have a great tuxedo season!

Dawn Marcus
Weddings on First
Willmar, MN 56201


user discretion is advised
information copyrighted, TUXTAPE 2002