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Red Blue AJAC

Practice Rules

1. Please make every effort to get your swimmer to practice 10 minutes before the actual starting time. This will allow them to get their equipment and be ready to get in the pool on time without missing any part of the warm-up.

2. We are asking that parents sit in the brown bleachers during all practice sessions. This will allow coaches and swimmers to focus on practice and instructions. IF you have concerns about yourchild, PLEASE see one of the coaches before or after practice.

3. We ask that parent(s) be at the pool, to pick up your swimmer, within 5 minutes of practice being over. PLEASE make sure one of the coaches knows if your swimmer will be riding home with someone other than yourself.

4. We ask that during the winter months, when it gets dark outside earlier, you come into the pool area to pick you child up. That way we make sure that they are going home with the right person. I know that when it is cold outside this is an inconvenience, but it is only in the best interest of the child.

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