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Swim Meet 101

Before the Meet

Sometimes the coach will allow a child to request which events he/she wishes to swim.  However, the final decision on events belongs to the coach.  Since the coach works closely with the child in practice, the coach may request certain events to check their progress, or present a challenge.  Relays are determined by the coaches and are arranged to suit whatís best for the TEAM

What to Bring

Team swim suit, team cap, towels (lots of them), goggles (an extra pair is nice to have just in case), sleeping bag or blanket to lounge on, sweats or clothing to put on between races, dry clothes to wear home, cards, books, CD player, and some healthy snacks (yogurt, fruit, veggies, bagels, and Gatorade). Try to avoid sodas, and high-fat or high-sugar foods.

During the Meet

Please be on TIME. Swimmers need to arrive at the pool 15 minutes before scheduled warm-up time.  he team will participate in a warm-up session together to get prepared for the meet. Swimmers should be ready (goggles, cap, and suit on) by the announced team warm-up time. After warm-ups the coach will have a brief meeting to go over important information with the swimmers.  Each child needs to find a place to sit and pay attention to the order of the events, and listen for his/her event to be called.  Then he/she should go stand behind the blocks and give the timer his/her card.  Once the race is over, the swimmer needs to ask the timer his/her time, and then report to the coaches.  Before you get dressed be sure to check with a coach and make sure youríre not on a relay.

After the Meet

Please be sure to gather all your belongings.  If itís a home swim meet everyone needs to hang around and help clean up.  Please be sure to check with a coach before you leave.

One Final Thought

Let the coach be the coach and you be the parents. The coach will handle critiquing the race.  Perhaps you notice something that the coach didnít point out to the swimmer, the coach will mention what he/she feels is most important to point out a the time.  Receiving a different, perhaps conflicting critique from the parent may confuse the swimmer or lessen the effectiveness of the coachís comments.

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