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The following pages provide a wealth of knowledge, including a collection of Thaumaturgical paths spanning several continents. Please take your time pursuing this extensive and easy to follow library, which even points you to the source books from which all this information is gathered. This library is a growing one, if you do not find what you seek now, perhaps it shall be included in the future.

April 20, 2003: Added paths and rituals from the Tremere Clanbook.
April 21, 2003: Added paths and rituals from the Assamite Clanbook.

Thaumaturgical Sects
Standard Sabbat Assamite Setite Necromancy

Books Used

Laws of the Night
Laws of Elysium
The Long Night
Blood Magic : Secrets of Thaumaturgy
Blood Sacrifice
The Tremere Clanbook
The Assamite Clanbook
MET: Camarilla Guide
MET: Sabbat Guide
MET: Storyteller's Handbook


Akhu = Egyptian
Wanga = African
Dur-An-Ki = Mesopotamian
Sadhana = Indian
Nahuallotl = Central American

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