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More about nudism than you ever wanted to know

The Nudist Idea. A comprehensive look at modern social nudism and its antecedents, this 702-page hardback covers the origins of the movement in Germany, its spread to France and England, and its leap across the Atlantic to the United States. With special emphasis on the “freebeach” (or nudist beach) European origins and the history of the freebeach struggle in the United States.


Was the “Father of Modern Social Nudism” a proto-Nazi?

Nakedness [ Die Nacktheit ]. The “Old Testament” of modern social nudism, this is the first translation into English of the hundred-year-old book by Richard Ungewitter that launched the movement, with an extensive Introduction and notes by Cec Cinder, Ph.D., ten drawings by Bili Turner and translation by Tessa Wilson.


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Nakedness , $17.95. S&H $2.00. CA residents add $1.35 tax

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