Mayan Art

These offerings are from the museum at Tikal.
The line art is from Brian Ampolsk's Mayan Page.
The vase below came from Thomas Burglin's page.

Rollout Photograph copyright Justin Kerr File no. 4151

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The following job description was found in one of the Books of Chilam Balam written sometime after AD 1593 by the priest of the Classic and Postclassic Maya. Obviously, the Maya priest corps had ambitious expectations for new hires, so that only truly outstanding candidates need apply.

  1. To impersonate and invoke the deity.
  2. To offer food and drink to the idols
  3. To effect the drawing for the pebbles and regulate the calendar
  4. To read weather and other omens in the clouds
  5. To study the night sky and interpret the appearance of the celestial bodies
  6. To determine the lucky and unlucky days for various mundane activities by the casting of lots
  7. To perform the numerous rituals of the cup, plate, etc.
  8. To work miracles
  9. To concoct medicinal herbs into ceremonial drinks
  10. To predict the future
  11. To announce the times for various agricultural and other activities
  12. To ensure adequate rainfall
  13. To avert or bring to a timely end famine, drought, epidemics, plagues of ants and locusts, earthquakes
  14. To distribute food to the hungry in time of need
  15. To cut the honey from the hives
  16. To determine the compensation to be placed on the crossroads altars
  17. To read from the sacred scriptures the future road of the katun
  18. To design and supervise the carving of stelae, the manufacture of wood and clay idols, and the construction of temples
  19. To construct tables of eclipses and heliacal risings of planets

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