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Refreshes the main page.click here to find out all the top news for VaH.The ranks of the guild members. If there not here it does not mean there not members. It just means that they have not been assigned a task.Making a new char? Find out from the vets how to do it the best way!

The Hall of Fame button will take you to the VaH's hall of fame. This is where I will put people that I think are showing the best side of VaH in kindness, companinship, honor, heroisem, and valor.The "VaH Board" button will take you to the offical VaH message board.The Pictures button is a gallery of ramdom uo pictures that seemed interesting and where worthy of sharing.The Records button is a summery or full log of what happened at the VaH meetings. They will be sorted by date.

The Writings button will be a collection of storys, pomes, songs, and any other creative writings.The Downloads button will take you to a list that will help you in UO. Some will just be gathered from various places on the internet and some will be written by myself and other guild members.The About VaH button will take you to a summery of what the guild is about, what we do in the guild, what we DON'T do in the guild, and general thinks that the guild if for and agenst.Finaly the Links button is a collection of web links that are helpful when you play Ultima Online.

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