I first got into Corvairs before I could even drive.  I think it was when I was about 15 years old, a rotted out rust in every corner etc. 1965 Monza Convertible was given to me.  Restoring that car was a long journey, but a lifetime of experience was achieved with the completion of it.  Ever since I got into the hobby of Corvairs, I had dreamed of building a Corv8.  Well as I started a college career of mechanical engineering (even though it didn't last that long) I began looking hard at the details of sticking an overpowered (is there such a thing?) V8 motor behind the front seat of the Corvair.  I began a search for the rare adapter parts, and a year of searching yielded a junk car with a V8 in the back seat.  I bought the car site unseen and drove to Warsaw, In. to pick the beast up.  Described as rusted beyond repair, I had planned to part the car out, and recycle the rest.  Upon closer inspection, the car was found to be fairly rust free, and very solid, so there is where the story of the V8VAIR begins.  Click the links below to learn about the different cars I own. Updates will be shown in Yellow! 


    1965 Corvair Corsa Coupe Kelmark V8 (Updated 04-17-05)

    '65 Monza Convertible

    Motorcycles (Updated 04-13-05)

    Other vehicles

    My 1957 Thompson Wooden Speedboat






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