Hello out there.

Welcome to my Web page. Why a web page? Because I want to prove to myself and the kids that I'm attempting to keep up with the technology since I retired. I also want to share some of my life experience with others and a web page is a fun way of doing it.

Kids?? They are 53, 51 and 50 with me being 79. I have been married 54 of those years to the same lovely girl, Barbara, who is a Porcelain painter and also enjoys rubber stamping and gardening. Click here for some examples of what she does.

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We have lived in the same house in Duarte California, the home of the City of Hope, , for 52 of those years.

I retired from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 1998 after working there for 36 years. During those years, I participated in all the planetary launches since 1962.

One of my first assignments was preparing the procedures and equipment needed to transport the Ranger Spacecraft from California to Florida. I think that I had something to do with the use of Citizens Band -(CB)- and trucks.

I also worked on Electric and Hybrid Cars.- Yes, NASA and JPL were involved with them for several years-.

My last position was the ATLO (Assembly,Test and Launch Operations) Manager for the Mars Global Surveyor Project.

Now that I'm not flying spacecraft, I'm doing all those things that I never had time to do before. Like clean the garage.-will take ten years at least. - plus all those other things that are on the "Honey Do" list. *Note; 10 years have passed since I first wrote that and the garage is still not cleaned.

One of our major activities since retiring WAS -(we just sold it)- Motorhoming in our "House car". (Thats what California calls it.)

We are now enjoying the Cruise experience on BIG ships.

I will continue to work on these pages as time and the Honey Do list permits. Hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks, Vince Wirth