Interesting Internet Sites (Oct. 2006)

Search Engines:

google --
        currently the most popular and successful search engine
Ask --

Finding People and Places:

Getting maps and directions --

Get the zip code --

Finding people and businesses:

Travel assistance:

Orbitz --

on-line Travel Agent. Book a flight, cruise, etc. Offers "flexible dates" to find cheapest fare.

Travelocity --

it’s good to check more than one site

Southwest Airlines --

Often have cheapest fare. Not included in the other travel web sites

Geared to "Older" people:

Second Half --

Westport Council on Aging --


Elderhostel --

Travel opportunities for older adults


  • Links to summaries and discussion questions
  • A big help if you are in a reading group


Jigsaw Puzzles --

Sudoku --

A popular numbers puzzle – select your level and solve on-line

        Griddlers --

        A paint-by-number web site requiring logic to solve

Miscellaneous:                      Get your local forecast by entering your zip code                      check the latest news                   free and very popular             like a treasure hunt with GPS

Newspapers:       New Bedford Standard Times                        Fall River Herald News                         Providence Journal                      Boston Globe                              New York Times

Check out the latest scams and hoaxes:

Computer goodies: -- If you don’t yet have "Adobe Reader", you should download it. You need it to read .pdf files.

These websites below offer free or lowcost computer programs for you to download and install on your own computer. (Many products offer a free version, in hopes that you will like it so much that you will later purchase a more advanced version.)