As you can see, the path to Portland for VHF/VHF has to plow through 750 ft. of hill. Seattle is better but the Cascades do get in the way and limit the number of stations I can work to just a handfull. Even with this handicap, I was able to break the EWA record for single operator low power for the June 2006 ARRL VHF Contest.....mostly thanks to 6 meters (195 Q's, 105 G's, in 35 states)!
Welcome to the MY Radio-page
Operating from eastern Washington is quite a challenge. We are far enough north to be adversely effected by the aurora oval and not far enough west to get a boost from the ocean. My QTH has good and bad aspects. I'm  half way up a 1500 ft. hill that faces 30 degrees north.  This gives me a great shot at Europe but forget long path. My VHF/UHF path from west through south is blocked and 160 suffers from our powdery volcanic soil that has the conductivity of Teflon!
My little 32 ft. tower has over100 ft. of antenna booms on it. When the desert winds whip around the hill, things get really interesting!  It also holds up 30M dipole and slopers for 80 and 40M. My 160 antenna is a dipole up 67' that doubles as a vertical (see link). A 17 M quad loop rounds out the antenna farm.  My  1/3 acre hillside has a lot of  aluminum and copper hanging around! The antennas from top to bottom are, 144, 1296, 222,  50, 927, 432, and 20-10m.  The 1296 antenna has my best 7/8" heliax for about 100' followed by about 25' of LMR-400.  927, 222 and 50 MHZ antennas all are fed with LMR-400. The 432 and 144 MHZ antennas have 1/2" heliax.
FQ       RIG            AMPLIFIER      MAX PWR   ANTENNA   
    IC-746PRO         AL-1200       1500W     67' DIPOLE VERTICAL
HF     IC-746PRO         AL-1200,HA-14 1500W     CUSHCRAFT A4
50     FT-847 #1         SB-220,HA-14  1200/500w CUSHCRAFT 3EL
144    IC-746PRO         GONSET 903    300W      M2 5WL
222    DEMI XVTR,IC-737  BRICK         100W      M2 5WL
432    FT-847 #2         BRICK         100W      M2 9WL
927    MOTOROLA MAXTRAC                30W       HOMEBREW 10EL
1296   DEMI XVTR,IC-737                50W       55 EL Loop yagi
I hope to work you in the next VHF/UHF contest!

I have several radios and antennas, mostly used for operating VHF/UHF. My addiction to contesting these bands has led to a renewed interest in the hobby. I'm looking forward to "F" openings in a few years and moonbounce. I can now operate digital modes on 2m and 6m.
My newest bands of operation required antennas (9/06).  I put up homebrew beams for 1296 and 927 MHZ. Both were built from the WA5VJB "cheap yagi" design published on the Web. I replaced the 1296 antenna in May 2007 with a 55 EL K1FO loop yagi.
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