Meet the TimTron, WA1HLR (pronounced WA1Henry....Yellllllar)

Tim, WA1HLR at SkowTown. Tim is operating on HLR mountain from his school bus. The Microphonium is a RCA 44BX.

And this is Tim's Homebrew 4-400 Rig modulated by a pair of 811's and made on a gutted BC610 chassis. What a piece of fine work!

And Here is Tim's PisWeaker! The Rig is made up of a 7199 speech amp driving the 12AX7 class B modulator which modulates the 6AQ5 crytal oscillator final.

Tim operates all this from his School Bus parked atop HLR Mountain in Skowhegan, Me.

School Bus

Tim With Some Freinds

Tim in Rockport as a JN

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