J.W.B. Software & Services LLC is based in Northern Michigan.  At the present time our company is offering two astronomical programs for either the professional or amateur astronomer.
Minimum requirements are Windows XP, 500 megabytes of RAM memory and a mouse.  Excellent results are obtained on a computer using Windows XP, with an Intel Pentium 4 processor running at 2.8 Ghz with one gigabyte of memory.  You should have a color display as well.
Astronomy Software. 
AstroVizier provides a precise and detailed physical ephemeris for the major bodies of the solar system.  Maps showing the surface features on a body are given where appropriate.  Latitude and longitude on any visible point of the body can be determined as well.  All types of planetary information for observers.
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Astronomy Software.
Four By Jove provides very precise information on the location of the four main moons of Jupiter.  Transits and shadow transits of the Galilean satellites as well occultations and eclipses of the main moons by Jupiter can be found. 
Mutual events such as umbral eclipses and occultations of one satellite by another can be determined.  Another round of this phenomena will occur in 2009.
A graphical display of these events will be given.  The near term accuracy for the Galilean moons is on the order of plus or minus eight kilometers.
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Any questions or comments about these products can be directed to J.W.B. Software & Services LLC by regular mail or e-mail.
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