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Updated April 25th, 2011
Hello, and welcome to my Amiga Brag Page. I own an Amiga 1200 Tower, with the following specs:

Icon Key
=Working device=HTML link
=Malfunctioning device=PDF link
Device works fine!HTMLElbox EZ-Z4 Tower Device works fine!HTML Blizzard 1260 68060 processor Device works fine!HTML 1 64MB 72 pin simm HTML Blizzard 1230 SCSI card Device works fine!HTML 1 128MB 72 pin simm HTML MicroTek ScanMaker E3 Device works fine!HTML 2MB Chip (AGA) Device works fine!HTML 4x IDE adapter Device works fine!HTML 80GB 2.5" IDE HDD Device works fine!HTML 100 MB IDE Zip drive Device works fine!HTML LG DVD-R drive Device works fine!HTML Sony CD-RW drive Device works fine!HTML mouse/joystick switch Device works fine!HTML Self-Made sega adapter HTML Docs wireless sega controllers Device works fine!HTML Mr. Mysza Amiga-PS2 Mouse Adapter Device works fine!HTML Generic PS/2-USB Adapter Device works fine!HTML Logitech Wireless Mouse HTML Emerson LCEM190 flatscreen tv. Device works fine!HTML PC-Key 1200 PS/2 adapter Device works fine!HTML DIN to Mini-DIN adapter Device works fine!HTML TrendNet TK-205k KVM switch HTML PS/2 wireless keyboard Device works fine!HTML Optimus stereo system Device works fine!HTML Right-Angle PCMCIA adapter HTML Internal HD 1.7Mb floppy drive Device works fine!HTML External DD 880k floppy drive HTML 4-way Serial port switch HTML KB Gear Pablo Graphics Tablet Device works fine!HTML US Robotics external 56K modem HTML Null-Modem to A1200 Device works fine!HTML 4-way parallel port switch Device works fine!HTML Canon BJC-210 printer Device works fine!HTML PerfectSound sound sampler Device works fine!HTML Mediator 1200LT4 PCI board Device works fine!HTML Realtek 100Mbps Ethernet NIC Device works fine!HTML S3 Graphics 4MB SVGA card Device works fine!HTML Ensoniq Es1373 Sound Card Device works fine!HTML Subway USB adapter Device works fine!PDF Nextar 512MB MP3 Player Device works fine!PDF Nextar 128MB Mp3 Player Device works fine!HTML Samsung Digimax A503 Camera Device works fine!HTML SanDisk Cruzer Micro 8GB ThumbDrive Device works fine!HTML SanDisk Micro 256MB ThumbDrive HTML Sandisk USB memory card reader Device works fine!HTML Polaroid LCD Picture Frame Device works fine!HTML Generic 4-port USB hub Device works fine!HTML Lacie USB 1.44MB floppy drive Device works fine!PDF Sony Clié PEG-TJ27 PDA (PalmOS) PDF Radio Shack Playstation USB adapter HTML MadCatz playstation DVD remote Device works fine!HTML Targus 4-port USB hub Device works fine!PDF Linksys BEFSR41 router Device works fine!PDF Ambit 2.0 DOCSIS cable Modem Device works fine!HTML Amiga OS 3.1 roms Device works fine!HTML Amiga OS 3.9

picture of my Amiga 1200 system happily sitting on a nice corner desk.Close-up shot of my baby!
My desk setup showing my A1200T. Notice how nice and clean the desk is? This will last about a week if I'm lucky. Close up shot of my A1200T. Check out the Wireless Keyboard, Mouse, Game controllers, and DVD remote! (The X button on the remote locks the system after a car-alarm "bleep-bleep" noise, among other things)

I've had this computer since 1995, and consider it to still be on-par if not better than my Windows XP laptop, which I used to run a null-modem TCPIP connection through as a router. (Click here for instructions on how to do this). I FINALLY got this thing out of storage after a year of sitting in a dark, wet, smelly basement, and had a few problems configuring her, as some problems arose with the hard drive. I think she was just mad at me for leaving her so long, though, as now Ami's running fine, and I happen to be doing this website on her now.
Why am I writing a page about my computer? First reason: I have waaaay too much free time. Another reason: I was on the amigaworld chat, and somebody else did a site on their Amiga 600. Looks like he even bought a domain name for it. I thought I was obsessed.
I'm still getting used to some things with Amiga OS, though. When I move the mouse, the pointer actually moves! After years of Windows XP, I'm still not used to that. And multitasking? I still don't think Microsoft knows the meaning of the word. I like to listen to music while formatting a floppy, a task my windows machines always choked on. The versatility of the operating system alone is just amazing... I love this thing! And my old games.... Frontier Elite II especially... I wasted entire evenings with that game.
I've done some interesting things with my Amiga, though. I got sick of people ripping on its lack of compatibility, (software support can be sparse at times), so I installed some emulators on it that will run Windows and Macintosh as well. (I have Screenshots of this) Also, I like to write my own programs for it. I have SAS/C installed (A C/C++ compiler), and cross-compile using a compiler on the windows emulator. Also, the lack of 3D games (Or apparent lack) led me to install both ports and original Amiga games. (Doom, Doom=II, Alien Breed 3d, Alien Breed 3dII-TKG, Gloom, etc...)
My books that I use for programming.
My various books for programming and other stuff. Mostly outdated.

Also, I haven't updated this page in years, so I'm doing so now. I've recently towered my system, so the old console "wedge" look is gone. (The AT tower lacks a bit of the charm) Though in upgrading to a PCI base GFX card, I've relieved the strain on the CPU for graphics updates. (I was using FBLIT to help keep my chip mem from drying up) Now, my computer out-performs the modern Windows box my wife has on many things. Web browsing is a bit slow with Javascript, though. And while Netsurf has CSS support, it still lacks Javascript and, well, speed. I might be asking a bit much from a 50Mhz CPU, though.
Along with PCI support via the Mediator, I've also added USB to this beast, and 90% of the hardware I used on my old laptop works on my 1200 now! It's nice being able to take pictures on my camera, and transfer them directly without firing up the XP box. Before I had to do this, as well as mount a SAMBA share. My Sony Clié also connects with no trouble. My MP3 player and thumbdrive are the same story. (Warning about SD Cruzer drives: they have a virtual CD-ROM that the Poseidan USB stack likes to mount, and it contains Windows software. Handy on XP, useless on Amiga).
I've used one of the programs I've written to publish this site, even. I wrote a little proggy to do
text fading, along with the graphic letters at the top of the page.
Anyway, I'll also mention the other computers (Commodore and non) that I have, as I don't have much more to yap about.
    Amiga 1200T
      (AOS 3.9)
    Amiga 1200 (console)
      (AOS 3.0)
    AMD Athlon 600MHz
      (NASlite filesrver)
    Emachines netbook 250
      Windows XP SP3
      Windows 7 starter
      Ubuntu Linux
    Compaq Presario 2100
      Ubuntu Linux (gutted for parts)
    IBM Thinkpad 309E
      (Win 98 SE)
    Dell Lattitude XPiCD
      (Win 98 SE)
    Gateway P4 refurb
      (Win XP Home SP3)
      CHROMIUM linux distro
    Atari 800
      (Atari kernel)