Computing Topics


I have a long term interest as computing not only as a profession but as a hobby. My first 'PC' was a home brew 8008 computer with 8 switches and 8 LEDs as it's entire I/O complement. My current home network includes 6 computers running4 different operating systems.

Here I provide links to a number of computing related topics of current interest to me.

Ray Tracing

I have had an interest in ray tracing for some time. Click here to read about ray tracing and see a few of my images.

A Rant about image formats

I care about image quality, but quality implies the entire user experience, rather than just the image maker's perception. Many, many web authors don't consider the entire user experience, or just plain don't care about the quality of their site. Here's a little ranting and raving by me about image formats.

27 Dec 2004

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