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6603 leading Minorca Ore Loads up the hill out of Superior, WI. 1/16/2002

Wisconsin's Largest Railroad.

The Unofficial Wisconsin Central/CN 6th Division page

Wisconsin Central Systems North American business began in 1987 when it acquired a rail system of approximately 2,000 route miles in Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, northeastern Illinois and eastern Minnesota from the Soo Line railroad. Wisconsin Cental began providing freight operations in 1987 with approximately 600 employees, 85 locomotives and 2,900 railcars. Since 1987, the WC has acquired additional rail lines in Wisconsin, Michigan and Ontario. On it's last day of operation - October 8th 2001 - the WCS North American rail system comprised of approximately 2,855 route miles, and it had approximately 2,230 employees, 244 locomotives and 13,900 railcars.

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Dispatcher Recordings From Near Midnight 10/8/2001

Radio Recording 
The Last Wisconsin Central Call From The South Dispatcher 10/8/2001 - Click here -

Radio Recording 
The First Canadian National Call from the South Dispatcher 10/9/2001 - Click here -

Radio Recording 
The First Canadian National Call from the North Dispatcher 10/9/2001 - Click here -

Radio Recording 
A Chicago Sub Train Crew Shortly After Midnight 10/9/2001 - Click here -

Radio Recording 
WC detector on the Superior Sub Shortly After Midnight 10/9/2001 - Click here -

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