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The ReliaFree Project

I am the project administrator, lead developer, and project statistician for The ReliaFree Project. The ReliaFree Project aims to be a non-proprietary solution for Reliability, Avalailability, Maintainability, and Safety (RAMS) analyses. If you are in need of a RAMS solution or might be interested in helping with development of The ReliaFree Project, have a look at the SourceForge project page.

Slackware Linux

I am a Slackware Linux user. One way I try to give back to the Slackware community is by submitting my SlackBuilds to SlackBuilds.org. Not all of my SlackBuilds have been submitted, but all are available below. The ones that have been submitted to SlackBuilds.org are also here.

My Slackbuilds

Configuration Files

As a Linux user, I like to keep some of my configuration files remotely for just such an emergency. You can find these configuration files below. You are welcome to use any of them you would like.

My Configuration Files








Conky Wbar
Conky Screenshot PyPanel Screenshot
Whole Screen
Entire Screenshot

Cross Linux from Scratch

Your distro, your rules.

I used to use a Cross Linux from Scratch (CLFS) version 1.1.0, x86_64 multilib system, CLFS 1.0.0 ix86 system, and CLFS 1.0.0 32-bit PPC system as my everyday operating system. After building my first CLFS system, I became involved in Community Beyond Linux from Scratch (CBLFS) and began to add build instructions at the CBLFS wiki. Apparently I added enough instructions that I received the honor of becoming an editor of CBLFS.

Check out CLFS if you are looking for a technical challenge. Please note that the Cross Linux from Scratch Logo is not an official logo of the Cross Linux from Scratch Project. You are, however, welcome to use the image as long as you provide a notice that it is not an official CLFS logo.

When using CLFS, I started to use different package managers. I had RPM installed and configured. I wrote many spec files specifically for the RPM implementation on a CLFS system. These spec files are available here. Instructions for building and using RPM on a CLFS system can be found at the CLFS Hints wiki.